10 benefits of a full body massage

10 benefits of a full body massage

10 benefits of a full body massage

What is the number one reason you go to get a massage therapy? Do you feel relaxing, energized, or it helps relieve stress? In reality, massage has several benefits that you may now even know. Most of the people don’t even realize how a massage benefits them.

Here are 10 not-so-common benefits of a full body massage.

  1. Increase in blood circulation

According to the massage professionals and experts, full body massage increases blood circulation and it helps you get rid of blood pressure related problems such as high or low blood pressure. Massage ensures that oxygen and nutrients reach tissues, organs, and cells effectively. So when a therapist is busy in giving you massage, it doesn’t just work on the surface but it works deep inside your body too.

  1. Fights muscular pain

Full body massage is known to stop pain-spasm-pain. If you are suffering from a muscular pain which is known as muscular spasm, full body massage will help reduce pain to a significant extent. While it is not a replacement to medical treatment but it does help relieve pain. As massage increases blood circulation, it relaxes your muscles and help your body get rid of any toxins and metabolic wastes which are a major cause of muscular pains.

  1. Increase in flexibility

Do you ever feel that your muscles are stiff? Do you ever feel that there are parts of your body where you cannot reach such as your lower back? Well, it is due to lack of flexibility and reduction in the range of motion.

A full body massage improves flexibility in terms of muscle movement. It makes your muscles soft which allows you to move your body in any way you like.

  1. Improves immune system

One of the best things a full body massage does to your body is that it improves immune system by producing immune cells. It also improves lymphatic flow which allows immune system to work effectively.

  1. Improves digestion

This shouldn’t be surprising but full body massage does help improve digestion. It improves parasympathetic response and peristalsis. This eventually leads to improvement in digestion system and helps get rid of digestive issues such as constipation.

  1. Prevents asthma

Full body massage helps you get rid of asthma by loosening respiratory muscles. Getting a full body massage regularly will help you improve asthma to a fair extent.

  1. Relieves nerve pain

Full body massage is a perfect solution to nerve pain syndrome. It relaxes the muscles and reduces nerve pain that is caused by slipped discs. Regular massage smoothens tissues and moves the discs back to their normal place.

  1. Promotes pregnancy

Pregnant women suffer from several hormonal changes and are normally found to have a high production of stress hormones. This is where full body massage can help them get rid of stress and anxiety. It eventually promotes pregnancy.

  1. Improves skin

Interested in improving your skin? A full body massage will help a lot.

It has the potential to remove dead skin which leads to a better skin tone. It also helps in tissue regeneration which helps in getting rid of scars and marks.

  1. Quick surgery recovery

Full body massage increase lymph flow which helps get rid of swallowing and removes toxins from the infected area. If you are interested in reducing the effect of surgery, get a massage today.

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