A Definitive Guide to Nuru Massage

A Definitive Guide to Nuru Massage

A Definitive Guide to Nuru Massage

How did this type of massage appear? Japan is a country famous for its unique, innovative culture and harmonious society. It is also famous for inventing probably the best erotic massage known to human nature. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and Nuru massage was invented as a way for the adult community to navigate around new rules on sexual activity. As sexual intercourse was banned, many providers of such services developed a massage technique that offered great pleasure and involved rubbing bare bodies.

How does it take care of your enjoyment and what do you need to know about it?

It’s a very popular type of massage, the principle of which is the mutual sliding of bodies with the help of a very slippery gel. Sometimes a hot bath is used at the beginning of the massage, which can further improve the glide of both bodies. Unlike tantric massage, for example, the whole body is used to achieve erotic arousal, and this requires more experience and skill. This sexy body to body massage aims for sexual arousal and finally climax. This massage is also about sexual energy and its use to relax the whole body, but unlike tantric massage, it is much more focused on the erotic element.

Nuru massage: definition, meaning, and effects

Nuru massage is one of the erotic whole body massages performed in a body to body manner. As such this exciting form of massage can be for men, women, and couples. Anyone who hasn’t tried it yet can’t imagine the delights of this slippery and sensual therapy.

Nuru massage is a sensual massage focused on the whole body and intimate areas.

Body pressure is used for the massage. The recipient of the Nuru massage can be massaged in parts or can receive a massage of the whole body, including intimate and erogenous zones. The massage can also evoke the atmosphere with music, dim light, or aromatic candles.

When it comes to the positive effects of Nuru massage, these are especially in the sexual field:

  • you release the accumulated sexual energy, but there will also be a total relaxation of the muscles and the flow of sexual energy throughout the body
  • women may experience unrecognized arousal, and greater focus on erogenous zones also improves their blood flow, such as the vagina and its outer parts
  • in the case of appropriately chosen ejaculation delaying techniques, massage can be an interesting and useful exercise for men with a problem of premature ejaculation

Although it is a body to body massage, the recipient of the massage may not be active. Your only task is to let the body of the masseur or masseuse work, relax, let the excitement rise and give free rein to a possible climax. However, mutual contacts are also possible by mutual agreement, it always depends on individual preferences.

What is Nuru gel?

This colorless, odorless liquid is made from seaweed called Nori. It allows the bodies to rub against each other and slide without getting caught uncomfortably. Nuru massages are also helpful in relaxing muscles and hydrating the skin, as Nuru gel is one of the wettest gels.

Nuru massage may be the best choice for couples who want to spice up their love life. By their nature, body to body massages are very intimate, which is why they can improve emotional relationships. The word Nuru of Japanese origin perfectly reflects the essence of massage: "slippery". Its main principle is to perform a massage and, using Nuru gel, using their bodies, to evoke wonderful emotions in couples.

The person who controls the massage (masseur or masseuse) prepares the bed by pulling on latex bedding. It differs from classic massage in that not only the “massaged person” is smeared with massage gel. Both of them will be lubricated with “Nuru gel” to allow sensual sliding of the bodies and as much body contact as possible.

How to Perform a Nuru Massage?

The first step should be a shared shower or bath, after which they don’t have to wipe. Once they have applied the gel to their bodies, they will be amazed at how pleasant it feels. After that, the masseuse starts the massage. Then it’s up to you how you want to massage it - with whole body pressure or in detail. Although the purpose of Nuru massage is not primarily sex, such an extraordinary arousal it's difficult not to at least experience pleasurable sensations.

While the erotic nature of massage is undeniable, the Japanese also see it as a spiritual path to new relationships. It relieves stress and makes it easier to control your anxieties.

In order to show you what the whole massage looks like, I will describe the most common course and techniques of Nuru massage.

Like it, here is the most common procedure:

Preparation: The first part of the massage is preparation. This consists in the preparation of a mat, which can be a bed or a mattress covered with a special PVC sheet. At the beginning, there is also an assisted shower, which sufficiently hydrates the skin of the massage recipient and the masseuse and can create an erotic atmosphere.

Body to body massage: After the preparation, a massage follows, according to an individual agreement, also with dim lighting with aromatic candles with the possibility of relaxing music. The masseuse will apply a special Nuru gel to your body and will begin to slide on your naked body. The massage can be total, on the whole body at once or in parts.

Individual techniques: The massage may also include some special techniques, mostly of an erotic nature. The most common are breast massage, prostate massage from outside or inside of men, and a special massage of intimate areas in women.

Conclusion: At the end of the massage, there is usually a sexual climax. However, there is no exception when the orgasm occurs even during the massage, especially in people with higher arousal states. The culmination may occur involuntarily or by manual stimulation of erogenous zones.

Problems and disorders associated with sexual stimulation and orgasm

As you can see, Nuru massage is an extremely sensual experience, which is based on the gradual building of sexual arousal until the climax. The condition for you to enjoy this massage is 100% health and functionality of the reproductive system and its individual functions.

However, several problems or failures can occur in this context:

  • Low libido: A problem that affects both men and women and manifests itself, for example, in sexual stimulation, is insufficient libido. It is basically a sexual appetite or a desire for sex, which also depends on hormonal levels. Low libido also results in low arousal or a lack of sexual arousal.
  • Erection problems: Men may have problems with lack of libido, but mainly due to a disorder of the blood supply to the penis, problems with stopping. It usually happens that the onset of an erection takes too long, or that the erection is not strong and hard enough. If there is a problem with keeping the blood in the genitals, the erection is short and the stopping will weaken quickly.
  • Problems with ejaculation: In addition to problems with stopping, men can also have problems with ejaculation, specifically that it occurs too soon and too fast. This is a disorder called premature ejaculation, which peaks within 1 to 2 minutes. This is a problem not only with Nuru massage but also with sexual intercourse.
  • Anorgasmia: If you have a problem reaching orgasm, it is a condition called anorgasmia. It can affect both men and women and can have both physiological and psychosomatic causes. Anorgasmia can be partial when you cannot reach the climax only with some form of stimulation, or generally when the climax cannot be reached at all.

Frequently asked questions about Nuru massage

Nuru massage is probably one of the most interesting forms of sexual arousal and stimulation. The result is also a great response and interest in online forums and discussions. Both men and women ask different questions, here is a selection of the most recurring ones:

Who is Nuru massage for? Are there any obstacles to its completion?

Nuru massage is designed for everyone - women, men, and couples. The only conditions are age over 18 and health. Factors that preclude massage include health reasons, such as skin diseases, viral and inflammatory diseases, and problems. Premature ejaculation may not be a problem.

Where can Nuru massage be tried?

Nuru massages are usually provided only by specialized massage salons, sometimes it can also be offered with tantra massage, so it is also provided by tantric massage parlours.

How often should this massage be performed?

There is no number of repetitions, you can easily try the Nuru massage only once and if it does not suit your ideas, you do not have to repeat it. Also, if you liked it, no number or limit is prescribed or predetermined. However, if you want to enjoy the massage as much as possible, I recommend trying it regularly with different variations.

What if I don't have an orgasm during the massage, is that a problem?

It's not a problem, but unlike other types of massages, Nuru body to body massage is extremely irritating and stimulating, so it's unlikely. Most men or women even experience more orgasms, so really only in case of great shyness or even some more serious problem can the orgasm not be reached during or at the end of the massage.

Can Nuru massage also be a diversification of a partnership?

It certainly can, but for that to happen, you will need regular exercise and training for both partners. The good news is that there are already various courses and training, so Nuru massage can be learned by a layman. You can't do without experience and practice, but on the other hand, mutual learning can spice up a sexual relationship and bring you closer.

How to make your own Nuru massage at home?

It requires preparation, but it is certainly worth the result. It is enough to create a bed that can be created on the ground. However, you should cover it with bedding that does not let liquid through. Although Nuru gel is available in specialty stores, it is sufficient to use coconut or almond oil. They smell pleasant and allow the masseuse body to slide well on the client’s body.

The basis of Nuru massage is the massage liberated by the whole body. Body to body contact is pleasant in itself. When doing a massage at home, feel free to ask your partner to turn around. This will make the whole body massage incredibly exciting. Do not miss the most sensitive parts of the body and pay special attention to nipples or other erogenous zones.

After enjoying a slippery body massage, touch the most sensitive parts of your body with your hands. Keep a liberated and gentle touch to prepare for a smooth transition to lovemaking. The advantage of coconut or almond oil is that they are completely edible. So don’t hesitate and use your mouth too to pamper your lover.

Nuru Massage by Aphrodite London Tantric

If you want to enjoy this sensational massage technique, we invite you to our parlours in Central London. We guarantee that here you will find the most beautiful masseuses, ready to offer you unique sensations and pleasures. Every young lady has training in classic and erotic massage techniques, so we promise you that you will leave the salon much more relaxed and happy.

Aphrodite London Tantric also offers the opportunity to use this massage as a gift for a partner. You can use, for example, a holiday or Valentine's Day and give a London Nuru massage session as a non-traditional erotic gift.

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