Best 9 Types Of Sensual Massage Therapy In London

Best 9 Types Of Sensual Massage Therapy In London

Best 9 Types Of Sensual Massage Therapy In London

More and more people go to massage to relax. But in addition to the classic massage, which you do at any wellness salon, there is also the erotic one, which has several benefits. Relaxation, of course, sexual disinhibition and eroticism are among the advantages that erotic massage has. Also, discovering your own body is the biggest advantage of this type of massage. Sensual massage is an art, therefore, it aims to expand the horizons of the one who enjoys it.

Tantric massage is a ritual. You need preparation, which often consists of meditation. This way you will prepare your mind for what is to come. Then, you will have the ritualistic massage, through which you will know new sensations and you will discover yourself. The atmosphere is created specifically for relaxation. The experience is almost religious. And for this reason, it is recommended that everyone go at least once in their life to a sensual massage session. Come to Aphrodite London Tantric massage parlour in London to enjoy new and extraordinary experiences.

Here are the main types of sensual massage therapy:

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage focuses on femininity and its discovery. Yoni, in Sanskrit, means “a sacred place”, and this type of massage does not deny the definition. Yoni massage consists of a series of sensual movements. Tantra is to be practiced during the Yoni massage. This type of massage helps you develop your senses. It does not necessarily focus only on the intimate area but extends to the whole body. It can be considered a form of foreplay if you want to further develop that moment of sexual intercourse.

Not only women can enjoy a Yoni massage, but also men through lingam massage. It offers this option of personal development through meditation and sensual touch even to the stronger sex. Everyone can benefit from this type of massage. On the one hand, we are talking about the massage itself, which offers new and extraordinary sensations and on the other hand, you can learn new techniques to improve your sex life. Yoni massage does not consist of massaging the vagina, even if it is the main purpose and by prolonging the foreplay through various techniques, to lead to intense multiple orgasms.

You can have an amazing Yoni massage session with Aphrodite London Tantric. You have to keep in mind that massage is an art, therefore it is advisable to choose a parlour with highly skilled masseuses, who can offer you the sensations for which this type of massage is known. The more professional ladies are, the more you will learn and feel. You can also take your partner with you to a lingam massage session or tantric massage to learn new things together.

Nuru Massage

Nuru or body to body slippery massage is a Japanese massage technique that focuses on massaging the body greased with seaweed oil with another body. This is the perfect couple massage. In addition to the fact that this type of massage offers new and very pleasant sensations, it is a great way to get to know your partner or your own limits.

You probably know a lot about body to body massage. It is one of the most popular types of erotic massage in the world, both for individuals and for couples. You can go alone, or with your partner. The rules are very few which makes the massage all the more exciting and adventurous. For this reason, Nuru massage is very popular.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage comes from Hawaii and is as exotic as you expect. The movements are ample, resembling a dance. Your body is greased with oil to absorb the massage as easily as possible. Despite the sensuality of this massage technique, it is created to relax muscles and deep tissue. Thus, in addition to the eroticism of the entire massage ritual, you will also have long-term physical relaxation.

Lomi Lomi massage is created for one person, and is perfect for all those who need more touch in their lives. Dancing and ample movements help you relax, and sweet walnut-scented oils take you into a world full of ecstasy.

Four Hands Massage

The 4 hand massage is a true exclusive experience. It is done by two masseuses who use synchronized movements to help you relax. It’s both an erotic and exotic massage. If you are depressed, have problems with anxiety or, simply alone, this type of massage is a great way to lift your mood. Since there are two sets of hands that massage you, the brain conforms and gives up control. Therefore, you are much less tense and many clients feel like they are on cloud nine.

Of course, when you want to experience strong sensations, the 4 hand massage is absolutely recommended. And if you are looking for a massage with a happy ending, this technique will definitely take you where you desire.

Lingam Massage

The male equivalent of Yoni massage is Lingam massage, in other words, penis massage. This is also a type of tantric massage that is based on sensual and ritual caresses, as in the case of Yoni massage. Meditation plays a very important role in the success of this type of massage. And in the long run, it can improve impotency problems and help to address premature ejaculation problems.

Lingam massage focuses not only on massaging the penis but on the whole body. You will have unique sensations throughout the massage, of course, with an emphasis on the intimate parts. During this massage, oils and aromatherapy are used to introduce you to the state of meditation.

The Lingam massage technique can also be used successfully for couples. It is a perfect prelude substitute. And if you want a real adventure, you can both go to Aphrodite London Tantric to enjoy a yoni massage and a lingam massage. Such an experience will surely bring you closer. You also have the option to go for couples massage. No matter which option you and your partner choose, you will learn more about yourself and the person you share this sensual experience with.

Lingam massage broadens the horizons of your own sexuality. And any man should have such an experience at least once in his life. This penis adulation technique is unique in the art of tantric massage therapy.

Happy ending Massage

Indeed, this type of massage ends with an orgasm. But more important is the means by which it is completed. Happy ending massage involves Asian massage techniques that open your senses to new possibilities. The whole massage ritual is very well thought out and stimulates all your senses. Therefore, you have ambient music that creates the atmosphere of meditation, scents that induce your state of meditation and oils that help you feel every touch.

Come to our tantric massage parlour in London to experiment and to expand your sexual horizons with this sensual massage with a happy ending.

Thai Massage

Thai massage has many benefits and has a technique that can be applied in erotic and tantric massage. It is based on stretching and applying pressure to certain points on the body. Unlike the other massages on this list, Thai massage relies on your physical ability to reach a climax. In other words, this type of massage explores a new dimension, that of your physical power to develop your erotic side.

The advantage of Thai massage is that it relieves some physical problems, such as back pain and stiff joints. Therefore, choosing to go to such a massage you shoot two rabbits with one shot! You get the eroticism and sensuality of an erotic massage, but you also get rid of that nagging back pain.

Couples Massage

Many sexologists recommend couples massage as an extraordinary method of bonding between partners. Often the lack of diversity creates tension in the relationship. And if you add the monotony, then you will surely become colleagues sooner than lovers. It is said that the flame of passion must always be kept alive. But when you enter the vicious circle of monotony, it is very easy to extinguish it. When you wake up in the morning, drink a coffee, go to work, come home, clean and eat and then 5 minutes of sex, after which you fall asleep, the passion in the relationship disappears.

Well, tantric massage for couples is a great way to get out of this routine. Together with your partner, you will have new experiences. In addition, that desire to have passionate nights will arouse again. In addition, learning new things helps you spice up your relationship.

During an erotic massage, you explore your sexuality, and that means you create new limits. You know what you’re looking for and how to find it. The same thing will happen to your partners. Sensuality is also developed. Sensual massage for couples is not only a royal treat for the senses but an excellent way to reinvigorate the relationship. Go and try the delightful Yoni massage in London if you want to learn more about your partner’s body. If you want to benefit from an erotic couples massage in London you can choose our popular five star reviewed parlour. And if you want to make an excellent gift for your male partner, why not go for a Lingam massage.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a physical act of touch that aims to enlighten and create a sacred connection with those who interact with it by harnessing sexual energy. Tantric massage includes elements of yoga, bio-energy, and sexual therapy. The client is the recipient of the tantric massage and must receive the massage and to hand over rediscovery of feelings and emotions. The process involves total relaxation and breathing exercises, tantric massage helping to solve sexual problems, self-esteem problems, and relationship problems.

Before I tell you what happens during a tantric massage session, you should know that you can discover this type of massage in many massage parlours in London. Aphrodite London Tantric specializes in this type of tantric massage, is the most sought after type of massage in our salon. But let’s get back to what you should expect when choosing a tantric massage session.


Usually in this type of massage both the client and the masseuse are completely naked. The masseuse will start with gentle touches and light presses, designed to wake up the body, stretching the muscles and moving the blood flow in the body.

Spreading energy

The masseuse will start massaging your body with warm oils, her hands moving in a free movement. She will massage her back, arms, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs to spread her energy all over her body, from head to toe.

Tantric awakening

At this stage, the masseuse will begin to use other parts of your body to caress and stimulate you. You will feel the touch of her pelvis, her breasts moving slightly up and down your back, rhythmically and sensually. All the while, her hands will caress you, focusing on your lower buttocks and inner thighs.


The masseuse will turn your back on you and adjust the pillows to support your head. Now your intimate area is exposed to the masseuse and you can visually enjoy the beauty of the masseuse. Now is the time to create the next much deeper erotic connection.

Lingam or Yoni massage

In this stage of tantric massage, the masseuse will focus on the genitals where she will “build” arousal and “energize” your erogenous zones. These sensations, emotions, will represent something new for those who come for the first time to tantric massage. The experience will be unique and extremely pleasant.

Energy release

When we talk about an authentic tantric massage, we are talking about a complete orgasm of the body that does not include physical ejaculation. However, in modern tantric massage sessions, physical ejaculation is practiced in most cases. We can say that when the tantric erotic energy is released, you will be “surrounded” by “waves of pleasure” from beginning to end, the outcome being glorious.


After reaching the climax, you will feel the touches of the masseuse much softer, softer because your body is sensitive. At this moment, the masseuse will retreat to leave you in peace and blessing, so that you can return to reality. Now the tantric massage session is finished.

We have presented only some of the types of sensual massage on the market. They are much more. However, the purpose of any erotic massage is to explore sexuality. Therefore, all types of massage give you strong sensations. Also, all types of tantric massage emphasize touch, which is great, given that more and more people need these simple gestures.

Whether you choose to go for a Body to Body or Nuru massage in London or any other type of massage, you should know that you will change your perspective on sexuality. Erotic massage refers to the journey, not the destination. Indeed, there are several types of sensual massage that lead you to orgasm. However, it is much more important how you reach this climax. Sensual massage teaches you to appreciate foreplay, which turns any future sexual act into a real adventure. And this aspect is an extraordinary advantage, which you will enjoy throughout your life.

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