Dynamic meditation and tantra

Dynamic meditation and tantra

Dynamic meditation and tantra

With the word meditation, most people imagine sitting on a meditation mat in a Turkish sitting position with their eyes closed. In addition to sitting meditation, however, there are movement meditations that combine movement, dance, concentration, and sitting. We often use them in our courses because we know that they can perfectly awaken sexual energy and support deep processes of energy healing.

Osho dynamic meditation

It was created several decades ago by the tantric master Osho and the music was written by his students. It combines four phases of meditation, routes, dance, Turkish sitting with a straight back, and lying down. Routes and sed are the phases when we use masculine energy. Dance and lying are an expression of female energy, relaxation, creativity. The balance of male and female principles allows us a balanced and fulfilled life. Therefore, alternating these approaches in meditation is the key to releasing the energy of kundalini in our body.

Kundalini, or serpentine energy, is a divine spark that pours life on our body. It is also written about in the Old Testament when Moses had a copper serpent built on which sick people were to look. The classic emblem of the pharmacy, ie a snake wrapped around a stick, is also a symbol of the snake energy of the kundalini. The snake is a sacred creature in many cultures.

The snake moves on the ground with characteristic waves. The existence of these channels is also proved by the fact researched by Ayurveda, namely that a person always breathes dominantly for one hour through one nostril and then the other, which is repeated throughout the day.

Just as the two nostrils and energy channels alternate, in our lives the moments when we need to act alternate with the moments when we need to passively receive, observe, absorb energy. Excessive focus on performance and action in our Western society results, among other things, in imbalances, mental health problems, unsatisfactory sex, and porn addiction. Full sex life is the result of the alternation of both principles in each of us.

The male and female principle

By nature, women usually have a more feminine, passive principle and men, on the other hand, are more active. That is why they are so attracted to each other. But every man and woman has both principles in them and they need to harmonize them with each other. If a woman has an inactive masculine principle, she cannot stand up for herself, communicate what she wants, do things that fulfill her. If, on the other hand, a man has an inactive female principle, he is closed, he constantly needs activity and stimulation and he does not understand the people around him or himself.

Osho's dynamic meditation in two movement phases will allow the body to get excess energy, stress, fear, repressed emotions. These are also the most common reasons why people have trouble concentrating in classical meditation. When they sit down and want to immerse themselves in meditation, repressed emotions, feelings, experiences begin to become conscious.

Making love is also a form of meditation. When we relax in love, it can also happen that unpleasant experiences and feelings, often springing in childhood, begin to flourish into our consciousness. This prevents us from experiencing a deeper experience of love. Therefore, it is good to include Osho dynamic meditation in our day more often. It helps us cleanse the "old ballast" of our bodies and allows us to experience love more deeply.

Many women feel as if they are after orgasms after dynamic meditation in their genitals. It is a sign of the energy of the kundalini, which begins to emerge in our body from the root chakra above. As this energy is energized during lovemaking, it can also be set in motion during movement meditation. Repeated meditation can also contribute to better and more satisfying lovemaking.

Chakra dance

Chakra dance is also a form of movement meditation. We use it in combination with Osho dynamic meditation at tantra massage courses in Savitri. Through appropriately selected compositions, which are especially focused on individual chakras, the whole energy system of man is harmonized. All chakras are passed, from the root to the crown. The rendering of the qualities of the individual chakras through movement activates and purifies them.

Dancing in the chakras is less cathartic than Osho dynamic meditation, but also during it, one can feel deep processes. The dancer has the opportunity to connect with various qualities of himself, from earthiness and the definition of space to connect with his higher self and cosmic consciousness. All of these levels are an important part of our lives and help us live happily. The conscious person is firmly rooted, but at the same time connected to the heavens.

Many "spiritual" people live in the wrong belief that our animal parts are too low to pay attention to. Then the energy on the lower chakras is blocked and such a person may be very spiritual, but he will also be ungrounded and may have a problem with the material side of life. Chakra dance helps us connect with all parts of ourselves and thus achieve wholeness.

Why movement meditation

Tantra massage courses are different from classic self-development courses. Every experience takes place not only on the body but also in the zone of intimacy. Although it depends on each participant to what extent he wants to keep intimacy only for himself, even a tantric massage of non-intimate areas directly affects our sexuality and its experience. Through the atmosphere guided by the lecturers, we touch not only the body but also the deep levels of our feelings, our being. It can sometimes wave to us.

Therefore, dynamic meditations are an indispensable part of our courses. Working at the level of the subtle body, the physical body and the emotions stored in them can bring long-suppressed emotions, feelings, or experiences to the surface. That is why it is good to supplement the massage with dynamic meditations, which harmonize the bodies and consciousness of the course participants and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to ventilate what no longer serves them.

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