Endometriosis – treatment by tantric massage with yoni massage

Endometriosis - treatment by tantric massage with yoni massage

Endometriosis - treatment by tantric massage with yoni massage

In our opinion, the tantric massage done with the involvement of the one who offers it is the best method of self-knowledge and healing that we know. It can treat various problems ranging from simple muscle contractions or blockages to serious conditions that appear against the background of subtle blockages (most diseases have subtle causes and not physical). During the tantric massage, the aim is to eliminate the blockages due to the daily stress and ignorance we treat ourselves with, as well as to connect at a subtle, deep level between different parts of the body and the head. A professional erotic massage parlour offers its clients not only nude erotic massage, which should focus only on erogenous zones, but should also offer sensual experiences that do not necessarily involve ejaculation, such as authentic tantric massage. This type of massage can satisfy your desires and may or may not include ejaculation.

If you want to live such an amazing experience you have to be careful which tantric massage parlours you choose, because if the choice will be an uninspired one, you will be disappointed.

What is endometriosis or "unloved women's disease"?

Endometriosis is when the tissue that makes up the uterine lining (belly lining) is present on other organs in your body. Endometriosis is usually found in the lower abdomen or pelvis, vagina or fallopian tubes, but it can occur and occur anywhere in the body. Most often endometriosis occurs among young women and is most often manifested by abdominal pain, pain during intercourse or even difficulties in getting pregnant.

There are also cases in which women with endometriosis do not show any of the above symptoms.

It is estimated that endometriosis affects between 3% and 10% of women. Endometriosis can only be diagnosed by a doctor who will perform a laparoscopy taking samples of those abnormalities.

Studies show that 1-8% of women who have no symptoms and undergo elective sterilization surgery (with tied tubes) will actually be diagnosed with endometriosis at the time of surgery. The same happens in the case of 10-33% of women who have surgery for pelvic pain and 9-52% of women who undergo surgery for infertility.

Tantric massage sessions will help you rediscover your sexuality and women once "awakened" erotically, can experience more and more intense sensations.

Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease that has a subtle cause like all diseases of this kind that affect one in ten women especially young women up to 40 years. The effects of this disease are very serious, becoming a real handicap for women, hence the popular name (after acquiring this disease, affected women isolate themselves and can no longer have a normal intimate life, even if they previously had it). I will not go into details about the forms of manifestation of the disease or the changes that occur in the vagina at the time of onset, because these issues are widely discussed on specialized medical sites.

We will focus in this article on the way of amelioration / healing that we discovered by chance. As with any disease of this kind (autoimmune), there is no classic treatment. All sorts of hormone-based treatments have been tried, but at the moment medicine is declaring itself powerless in the face of this disease. Why? Because it is a disease in the subtle field, and classical medicine has no answer for this type of problem. The subtle plan is attacked daily due to the daily stress at work plus women's interactions in the intimate environment with men who cannot understand them deeply and frustrate them with or without permission. We could say that most women are attacked non-stop both at work and at home in a subtle way. All these accumulated stresses create blockages that sooner or later give hormonal disorders that result in fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and in more severe cases even cancer in the intimate area or breast.

Women who have a satisfying erotic life will say: yes, but I am happy with my boyfriend and I still have problems. Why? The answer is simple, because your boyfriend is also stressed and concerned primarily with his own satisfaction that happens to fulfill you as a woman in happy cases.

Tantric massage therapy with yoni massage

Tantric massage therapy with yoni stimulation, or in free translation erotic massage for women with vaginal massage (yoni is the term from Sanskrit to describe the entire intimate area of ​​women), is the simplest and most pleasant solution to treat women's hormonal problems including endometriosis.

How so, you say? I can't undress in front of a stranger who doesn't even have a medical degree. You are right, this is the biggest problem that women who would like to experience such a treatment face.

From our experience, we tell you that it is worth trying, because in this type of massage different erotic massage techniques are applied and relaxation massage really works wonders and will help you enter a very deep relaxed state. Miracles that 9 years ago when I started studying tantric massage I didn't think possible either. Initially I thought it was a more elaborate method of satisfying a woman from an erotic point of view and that's it. Later experience has shown me that it is more of a form of unconventional therapy, it is true.

Beyond what many of us believe, Tantra is not a science that deals with love satisfaction but is a way of life that starts from the premise that erotic energy is the only form of energy in the human body, all other forms of energy derive from erotic energy.

Aphrodite London Tantric massage parlour offers the best types of sensual massage that bring many benefits that can reshape your life, from treating certain diseases to transforming your sex life.

And here is a problem: What do we do with this form of energy? Do we control her or does she control us? If she controls us, it is very serious and all kinds of imbalances appear. If we control it, we have all the chances to lead a happy and healthy life. Tantra teaches us how to control this energy to release it throughout the body and not lose it through ejaculation in men or orgasms with discharge in women.

How tantra with yoni massage can help to cure this terrible disease for women?

Tantric massage eliminates the stresses and blockages accumulated in the body of women allowing erotic energy to circulate freely throughout the body and turn into any type of energy, including healing energy. From practice, I have noticed that after this massage the subtle problems improve in the first phase, and even disappear if the treatment is administered regularly. How often? In severe cases once a week, and if you just want to prevent such diseases, at least once a month, regardless of whether or not you have a constant and fulfilling love life. Why? Because in the tantric massage session the attention of the masseur or masseuse is directed to your needs. The person who offers this massage is concerned about your problems and acts with healing energy to relax and balance physically but especially subtly what does not happen when you are strictly focused on meeting sexual needs in a love affair.

Aphrodite London Tantric offers quality massage services and we specialize in the art of sensual massage and provide the following types of massage:

  •  Yoni Massage for women
  •  Men's Tantric Massage - including lingam massage
  •  Nuru Massage
  •  Sensual Massage
  •  Body to Body Massage
  •  Soapy Massage
  •  Tie and Tease Massage
  •  Erotic massage for couples

If you wish to book your yoni massage in our temple then you can make a reservation calling at the phone number +44 07404 681 945

An erotic massage in London means choosing a parlour that has obtained many good reviews from clients. Our massage parlour has received 5 star reviews on Google from clients, being the only place in London where the tantric massage session becomes art.

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