Experience exquisite Wet and Wild Massage

wet and wild massage

The Wet and Wild Massage Experience

If you opted for a soapy massage, referred to as the ‘Wet and Wild’ massage, then Wet it will be and Wild it will become! Your Cleopatra will create a sense of ceremony even before the bathing ritual. The muted lighting, coloured candles around the bathtub, burning incense and soft music evoked an ambiance of tranquility and sensuality. You can smell the sweet fragrance of perfume from the bubble bath. It will be a regal bath ceremony, a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

The Bath Ritual

This Epicurean bath ritual will live you insatiable for more Aphrodite London Tantric massages. This orgasmic massage will awake your sexual energy and you will feel truly alive! Live life to the max and allow yourself to be pampered with the sensational Aphrodite London soapy massage, termed Wet & Wild Massage. We really do offer the best Soapy Massage London has to offer!

Your sexy London massage therapist will wash all your worries away with this warm and wet scintillating soapy massage, a truly erotic massage experience which you will find profoundly uplifting and incredibly sexy.

The erotic soapy massage usually begins with a sensual bathing experience much like the ritualistic bathing process. The sensual experience of having soaps and oils being worked around your body will wash away all the stresses of the day away. As the two of you will be naked you will be sharing this penultimate sensual experience together.
Your masseuse will proceed to caress your body, holding you close while applying soothing, refreshing pressure to areas you couldn’t even imagine.

After you have been cleansed with warm soapy water your beautiful diva will proceed to dry your body with warm towels to ready you for a truly tantric experience.
Your masseuse will then lead you into a separate room and perform an intimate tantric massage with both of you still being fresh from your regal bath. The room will be decorated with soft lighting and relaxing music. Pleasant, fresh fragrances will circulate the room as the soothing music combined with the expert touch of your therapist will enhance the already sexual experience.

The Experience of a Lifetime

An assisted shower does not compare to a classic one, the sensuality of a lady eager to bring you maximum pleasure and relaxation will turn a regular shower into a wonderful experience, which you will cherish every time!

If you want to live unforgettable moments, if you want to have relaxation, eroticism, and pleasure, the best choice for you can be a soapy massage offered by an expert in the art of tantric massage, in our luxurious erotic massage parlour in London.

On your entire body still moist from the bath they will begin to rub their torso and legs against yours. They will glide and ride you until you are left breathless, using their expert hands they will awaken your senses and bring you to the point of ecstasy and bring you back down only to take you up again. Every groove, ridge, and crevice of your body will be explored and left tingling, shuddering with excitement and joy.

In all our incall locations in Central London, you will find beautiful and highly skilled, eager ladies to offer you moments of passion, to help you escape where nothing is forbidden, only through massage techniques, performed by experts. Apart from soapy massage, the types of massage that Aphrodite London Tantric masseuses provide with great tact and dedication are body to body massage, sensual massage, tantric massage, happy ending massage, soapy massage, 4 hands massage, erotic and prostate massage.

If we aroused your curiosity about this world of tantric and erotic massage, we expect you to visit us for an unforgettable experience, in one of our many incall massage parlours in London.

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