History of tantra and tantric massage

History of tantra and tantric massage

History of tantra and tantric massage

Tantric massage has appeared in the world as a service offered relatively recently, in the last 5-10 years, but its roots go back to long before Christ when it played a changing role in the whole of contemporary society and had a deep spiritual significance. In the epic about Gilgamesh, which originated 2000 years before Christ, we can find the first mention of the so-called sacred massage.

At this time, the goddess of love and fertility was worshiped in most states. She was known by various names. In Sumer it was called Inanna, in Babylon Ishtar, in Egypt, it was called Isis, in Lydia Kybelé, the Romans knew it as Venus and in Greece as beautiful Athens. People begged her for fertility and blessings and worshiped her through sexual ceremonies and rituals. In every major city, there was a Temple of the Goddess of Love, in which so-called sacred prostitutes performed their service. They were women who chose the service of the Goddess as their profession, women in a society highly valued who enjoyed a good name and a good position. For example, their children had the right to inherit property.

However, the service in the temple was also performed by ordinary honorable women. According to the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus, living in the 5th century BC the Babylonian custom forced every woman to stay in the temple of love once in her life and to have sexual intercourse with a stranger. This act was considered sacred, and if a child arose from it, the husband of the woman accepted it and considered it a gift from the Goddess. The whole act of service in the temple was not considered humiliation, but rather honor.

In short from the history of tantric massage

Most people mistakenly believe that tantric massage is just like another type of sexual experience, or something like sexual services with the addition of a few massage touches. In reality, however, tantra massage is much more than that. And anyone who experiences a tantric massage at Aphrodite London Tantric for the first time is finally surprised by what they get. In fact, touch and sensuality are the essences and an important part of tantric massages. Well, that's not all. These massages have a much deeper meaning, which we must look for in history.

Where do tantric massages come from?

It is believed that tantra was originally a form of meditative yoga that was born somewhere in India. The popularity of tantric forms of massage quickly spread from India to other parts of Asia and quickly became established in practice. Given that Asia is indeed a vast continent, it is no wonder that over time, tantric massages have been modified in various ways and have undergone various variations in different parts of Asia. Simply, each region had its own techniques and methods of tantra massage. And gradually tantric massages spread to other parts of the world - to the west.

The essence of tantra massage

And why are tantric massages so popular? Let's try to look at the essence of tantric massage in terms of history. As we have already said, tantric massages have developed as one of the forms of meditative yoga. And what is yoga all about? The essence of yoga speaks of the liberation of body and mind and at the same time of connection. And what is tantra about? The essence of tantra is also about the connection - male and female! It's actually a tool to bring two people together.

The essence of yoga and tantric massages is therefore about the same. Did you know that many positions of tantric lovemaking actually come from yoga exercises? So tantra and yoga are really close to each other! If you want to experience the incredible flow of sexual energy, but also your own inner liberation, you should definitely try tantra massage. Of course, there are many techniques and types of tantra massages that Aphrodite London Tantric offers. But with each of them, you will experience an influx of sexual energy that will literally engulf you!

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