How to give a tantric massage

how to give a tantric massage

How to give a tantric massage

Tantric Massage is a truly amazing way to relieve stress, improve blood flow and generate new levels of intimacy and sensual connection between you and your romantic partner. Tantric techniques are simple to learn but can truly transform relationships because of what they can add to the intimacy you already share together. Tantra can awaken the connection you have and rekindle what day tom day stress may have taken away. While tantric massage from a professional can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling, anyone with an open mind and a desire to pleasure their lover can offer a truly amazing tantric massage session with only a bit of guidance.

One of the most important aspects of giving a sensual tantric massage is setting the mood. This could involve dimming the lights, putting on some soothing music and perhaps burning some incense or lighting some scented candles to further add to the atmosphere of romance and connection. Tantra is a practice that is very much rooted in the senses and their connection to the sensory environment. That means the more you can do to add intrigue and mystery, the more powerful your session will be. It could be helpful to think of this as a special ritual and something that is the opposite of your normal everyday life. The more you can add to the idea that this is a deeply fulfilling and special part of your life, the easier it will be for your partner to feel that magic and release their inhibitions. As you both feel comfortable and awaken to the power of the moment you will realize new heights of ecstasy together in each other’s soothing embrace.

Many tantric massages can be further enhanced by the use of oils or lotions. Opt for something that will offer plenty of lubrication and perhaps enhance the sensation by using aromatic essential oils of your choice. Different scents can transport your partner to different emotional states and senses of pleasure. Feel free to explore and discover what enhances the mood best for you two.

Enhance The Session

To enhance the session further, consider developing a series of love affirmations or sayings that you and your partner can share at the beginning of your session. You can consider these your personal love spells and they can help to make the ritual you create with your lover all the more special and fulfilling for each of you.

Last but certainly not least, begin to sensually explore your partner, seeking to align your consciousness with theirs as your breaths, bodies and hearts align in a cosmic pattern which honours the cosmos and the divine possibility of the everlasting moment. Even if you don’t know exactly what to do, the most important part is just seeking to connect in a deep and profound way. Move with a natural dedication and let your heart be the guide. The truth about tantric practice is that as ancient as it is, it doesn’t come from a book or a blog post, it comes from within when you open your heart and allow yourself to exist in a perfect moment of connection and bliss with your lover.

Booking a Tantric Massage

If you need further guidance and information on tantric massage therapy in London be sure to schedule a session with a tantric masseuse so you can study and learn how to use this ancient system to deliver truly life changing pleasure.

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