Myths about tantra and touch

Myths about tantra and touch

Myths about tantra and touch

Tantra. Mysterious and unknown. Everyone thinks they know what it's about, and everyone imagines something different. Some people are afraid that it is not spiritual enough. Others are afraid that someone will touch them inappropriately during a tantra massage. So how does it go? The most common myths about tantra and touch are discussed in the following article:

It is perfectly fine if someone decides to skip the intimacy massage.

It is good to consider who will massage us and how. If touch is pleasant for us and what is beyond our borders. The real tantric touch is healing and opens the door to pleasure and cosmic knowledge. It helps to deepen monotonous lovemaking. Tantric massage includes genital massage as standard, but this is not a requirement. Before the massage, we sit down with each client for a while and ask about his expectations. For women, entering the intimate zone is more sensitive than for men, and some do not want to touch in intimate places during the first massage. That's fine, of course. Tantra massage takes into account the body and soul of the client, which are relaxed and healed not only by touch but also by the attitude of the masseuse. He treats them as sacred. The tempo and rhythm of the tantric massage are at the same time arranged to please all the senses and parts of the body. Through the scent, a gentle caress, grounding touch, even warmth. Someone feels that sexuality is reserved only for the partner and that is fine. But if you want to broaden your horizons, we would like to introduce you to another view that will help you get out of the comfort zone.

The genitals are a normal part of the body. Like other bodies, they deserve our care and attention.

The fact that we make such big differences between the genitals and other parts of the body is due to the distorted perception of sexuality. Take, for example, that both male and female genitals are the basis of most obscene swearing. At the same time, only from the combination of cells that produce our genitals can a child be born. And the union of these genitals in lovemaking can give us pleasure and uplift to unprecedented heights. If it seems disgusting to touch the genitals, it means that we consider them disgusting. But then we consider ourselves disgusting as well because it was only thanks to the same genitals that we came into being. What an interesting paradox! We at Aphrodite London Tantric strive to approach sexuality with respect and awe and return it to its sacred place. We recognize that our approach can help clients look at their genitals with a new found respect and understanding. In this way, clients automatically deepen their experience of sexuality and love.

What is the difference between tantric massage and erotic service?

The erotic service aims to satisfy the client through climax and ejaculation. In contrast, a tantric massage does not focus primarily on the climax, but rather on the overall experience of sexuality and one's own body. The climax may come. Quality tantra massage draws on the ancient teachings of the world and man, thanks to which a person opens up wider possibilities of knowledge and pleasure than just a classic discharge during erotic service.

Unfortunately, it often happens that erotic services give themselves uplifting names like tantric massage. Because the law allows them to do so, they can do it. However, from the point of view of the ancient teachings of tantra, these are two absolutely different things.

We at the Aphrodite London Tantric salon offer a holistic massage that touches not only the body but also the spirit. In conclusion, just note that the touch is healing. If we are afraid of touching or of paying attention to intimate places, we may have trouble making love satisfactorily. Because women, in particular, have this problem, we also offer special tantric therapy for women in our parlour.

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