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Nuru Massage London

Originally from Japanese soaps, Nuru has found its way to the Western world. Nuru massage is the next big discovery in the category of sensual massage and is adopted by many around the world. Nuru is a massage that comes from the Japanese tradition and means “slippery”.

It is a massage type in which the warm nuru gel is applied to both the client and the body of the masseuse, and the massage is given using the body instead of the hands. A couple can slip effortlessly over each other. It is a kind of wet massage that begins and ends with a relaxing shower. The products used in this massage are colorless, odorless and sticky. It is mainly performed to reduce mental stress.

What is the Nuru Massage

It is an erotic massage in which there is a great emphasis on sliding the body of the person who offers the massage on the body of the person receiving the massage. For this, many carefully selected gels are used. When choosing gels, three aspects are followed. First, they must favor one body sliding over the other, and second, they have the property of stimulating the senses. Last but not least, gels should not cause side effects, especially as they can enter into intimate areas.

We cannot say that there are specific techniques for practicing nuru massage. Techniques from several types of massages are used but the purpose is only one, to relax and stimulate the recipient in a sensual manner. Although most of the massage is performed by sliding and touching the intimate areas, hand movements are not forbidden but these movements are largely sensual.

It is important to say something essential about the gel. It is used excessively so that a surface that can be easily cleaned should be used. One of the best solutions seems to be a water mattress as this can create an additional state of excitement.

The person who performs the massage should take great care as he chooses the gel because being used abundantly can have an accentuated and disturbing odor. It is advisable to have a fine odor, and if this is not possible it would be best not to have any odor at all. Perhaps just as well it would be to have no color so as not to “mask” the bodies of those involved in the massage. The hollow body of the massager has not only a tactile role but also a visual one with the massage process.

Benefits of London Nuru Massage

During the therapy massage, one person lubricates herself and uses the entire body to give the other person a unique and really unforgettable experience. Before getting started, the Nuru oil must be kept in a sink full of warm water for a few minutes so that it reaches a desired temperature and after that, combined with a small amount of water until it reaches a desired consistency.

With Nuru gel, the skin is treated properly because it is made from 100% natural elements. Also, being natural, it has no side effects and ends on softer skin. Keeps skin hydrated and relieves mental stress. The gel used is odorless and beneficial for people sensitive to perfumes.

The massage calls for the body of the therapist to slide over the client’s whole body, giving attention to individual parts as well.  The process likewise covers all possible angles.  It is extremely sensual, and is a type of sensual massage invented by the Japanese.  There are health benefits from undergoing this massage specifically related to the Nuru gel which acts as a treatment with herbal properties.  It detoxifies the skin and body, cools and relaxes it, prevents cellulite, and acts as a moisturizer for the skin to regain its elastic and vibrant quality.

The importance of Nuru massage in reducing mental stress

It is a sensual massage performed with the masseuse’s body sliding over your body and arouses romantic feelings. It is often done by a professional massage therapist and has been shown to reduce mental stress by many who have already experienced it.

It is very beneficial for couples in real life to get close to each other. It works wonders for them. While in a calm and calm environment they can come out with true feelings for one another, leaving behind all other problems of life. It would leave them both relaxed and free of mental stress. It is definitely a modern way to reduce stress.

Book Your Nuru Massage in London

In conclusion, the Nuru Massage helps people who are in a stressful situation or just in need of a better relaxation therapy massage.

We offer Tantric massage, Nuru massage and pure sensual full body massage across London. We offer same day bookings from 11am to midnight daily. Both Tantric and Nuru massage are a speciality service and we only use the very best quality nuru gels at Aphrodite London Tantric .

If you want to live unforgettable moments, relaxation, eroticism and pleasure, the best choice for you can be a Nuru massage in London, carried out by an expert in the art of tantra, in our Central London locations. Call now on 07404681945

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