Prostate Stimulation – How to Do It?

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Prostate Stimulation

How to Do It? What does it help? What toys are used?

The prostate is a sexual organ that surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine passes, just below the bladder. The prostate produces almost half of the fluid that creates the semen and is the size of a golf ball, although it is not as heavy as this. During arousal, the prostate expands and fills with a fluid that it expels during ejaculation.

As men get older, the prostate may enlarge, making urination difficult because the urethra passes through the center of the prostate. Prostate massage in London can ease the discomfort and there is even some evidence that it can reduce the risk of getting an enlarged prostate.

If you have difficulty urinating, see a doctor. All men over the age of 50 should be screened annually for prostate cancer.

Why should you try prostate stimulation? 

The prostate is amazingly sensitive and many men enjoy the way the prostate stimulation feels. The gland is very similar to the G-spot of women. Anal penetration is part of the prostate massage and some men have concerns about anal play and sexual orientation.

Prostate toys

Many men enjoy a stronger stimulation of the prostate because they become more aroused. If you find that your fingers are tired or you want to try a different sensation, you could try sex toys.

Most prostate toys have a slight curve, as do G-spot vibrators. In fact, any G-spot toy that is safe for anal sex could be tried. You can use the curved tip to create a sliding sensation as you enter and exit. Or you can rotate it from side to side, and so you will get a type of stimulation that you can’t get very easily using your fingers.

There are also plenty of toys that are specially designed for prostate stimulation. You may like the way the vibrators stimulate your prostate. Look for one with a strong vibration at or near the top, as it will come in contact with the prostate. Or try one with a vibrator near the base to stimulate the anus while tilting the tip toward the prostate.

Many men find that anal splints are great for stimulating the prostate, especially during oral sex or during intercourse. The plugs stay in place and leave your hands free to do other things. Because the plugs do not move, you will get a stronger sensation if you move your hips to bring the prostate into contact with the toy.

Guide to prostate massage 

We must admit that prostate massage has become a very popular thing. Although once seen as a gay practice, now the stimulation of that little place inside has attracted the attention of many men.

Prostate location

For those who don't know, the prostate is located just below the bladder.

The prostate is the same as the G-spot of women, it swells when aroused. The argument of men who love this type of stimulation is that the prostate orgasm is very strong.

But how do you get this orgasm? We are here to give you some advice.

Prostate Massage tips 

Anal penetration with a lubricant is the best way to reach the prostate. The prostate should feel like a ripe, firm plum. If you can't feel it, it may not have swelled enough, so the guy needs to be more aroused. I'm sure the women reading this can solve the case.

When it comes to touch, the man must feel a massive emotion. If he still feels the need to urinate, it means that the right place has been reached, but too strong. Therefore, everything must be more delicate.

Just as the finger is used, sex toys can be used. However, whether we use our finger or a toy, we must make sure we use a lot of lubricants. The anus does not self-lubricate so it needs a lot of help because otherwise, it could become quite painful.

The real key is not to use an input and output movement. If you focus on the prostate, you will increase pleasure. An in-and-out movement will distract you. This is a prostate massage, not anal sex.

Relax and enjoy

Orgasm obtained through a prostate massage can be fun and very intense, but it is not good to focus only on orgasm. Get used to finding ways that the guy likes, the right place, and the right pressure. If you succeed, the orgasm will come anyway. You don't need to panic if it doesn't happen right away.

Prostate health diet

As we can easily see, this diet is for men, especially those who have prostate problems or want to prevent these problems.

The prostate is a gland of the reproductive system in men. It has a walnut-like size and shape. A large percentage of middle-aged men experience urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate.

The prostate gland continues to grow throughout life, at a faster rate between adolescence and the age of 50. Enlargement of the prostate begins to cause problems later, as it compresses the urethra more tightly, preventing normal urination.

Prostate growth can be slowed by eating a low-fat, caffeine-free diet.

Men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia are advised to include the following foods in their daily diet to reduce symptoms:

  • fruits, vegetables, whole grains
  • soy
  • green tea
  • foods rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel)
  • zinc-rich foods (pumpkin seeds)

It should also reduce the intake of foods high in fat and cholesterol, such as butter, margarine, beef, and fatty milk, sweets and refined sources of carbohydrates, such as white bread, white pasta or white rice.

It is also recommended to limit the consumption of coffee, alcohol, beer, especially after dinner, and of course, tobacco.

G-spot: does it exist for men? 

Everyone loves to have an orgasm, but if we can take the arousal factor to the next level, for us or for our partners, I think most people agree that we should let it go.

Women love to get strong orgasms, which take them to special places (and sometimes back), as well as men. We talk, as it should, about the G-spot of women, all the time. Do we have one? Where is? How can we stimulate it? How can we help our partners find it?

But what about men? Do they have a G-spot? Well, yes. 

Before moving on, it can be an uncomfortable topic to approach with our partner because of its location: The G-spot of men is located on the prostate, which houses certain ingredients that produce sperm - the P-spot.

Maybe your partner wants to have an orgasm but doesn't know how to ask for it. Maybe you want to give him an explosive orgasm, but you're not sure he'll want that. If you don't know what to do, send this article to your partner and expect a reaction from him. Whatever you do, it is important to talk to your partner before entering the world of anal play.

If inserting your finger into your anus makes him feel uncomfortable, you can make him explode your fingers and gently massaging his perineum. But if you want to get into this, make sure your nails are short and go very slowly into the anus. Consider using a lubricant.

When your fingers are inside, point your fingertips down and make sure you use a lubricant. Don't stop here - go a little further. Make sure you use your fingers carefully.

G-spot massage is great, but when it is associated with oral sex or intercourse, you will feel like an angel sent from heaven.

Keep in mind, nothing should enter the anus if it does not have a base. Things are vacuumed inside easily, and I guess you don't want to pay a visit to the hospital.

No erection is needed. This means that prostate stimulation is excellent for anyone with erectile dysfunction.

Introduction to prostate massage

Prostate massage is well known for its health benefits, but also for producing intense orgasms. Read on to find out how you can benefit from prostate massage with Aphrodite London Tantric.

What is prostate massage?

The prostate is a gland located about 7.5 cm inside the anus, located just behind the bladder. The massage allows the release of secreted fluids, thus cleaning the gland of all impurities. Prostate stimulation can also trigger some of the strongest orgasms that men can have.

How should I do it?

First of all, you must be prepared for physical and mental massage, especially if you are new to anal penetration: forcing the body into such action, before being prepared, can have harmful effects. Start by relaxing your muscles - a warm bath or a body massage is done by your partner can help. Then, when you're ready, start massaging around the entrance to the anus. This will help relax the muscles, and the anus will open naturally after a little stimulation.

Once you feel comfortable, start inserting a finger or a small toy. Make sure you take things slow to avoid unwanted muscle tension. Because the prostate is not located too far in the anus, it should not be difficult to find. Once you've found it, stimulate it with light strokes, then experiment a bit until you find a way that works for you.

More about the prostate and why we should take care of it

Prostate cancer kills one man every hour: not just dads, but brothers, grandchildren, sons, grandparents, and uncles. More than 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. This is because most cases are asymptomatic.

Worryingly, a recent study of 2,864 adults, of whom 1,291 had an increased risk of prostate cancer, showed that 4 out of 5 men (83%) who were at increased risk of cancer were not aware of the danger and therefore do not take measures to reduce the risks. Unfortunately, 75% of high-risk men said they would not go to the family doctor if they did not have symptoms.

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