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For those yet to experience a truly intimate and erotic experience the authentic Tantric Massage is what you need!

Tantric massage is a sensuous, healing massage that’s origins date back to ancient India. Using the healing power of touch, this erotic massage engages all of the body’s senses in bringing two people together. This goes lengths to strengthen a relationship by adding spice and a more erotic flavour. During a tantric massage session, you begin to learn about each other’s bodies and how you can best please each other. Sexual energy is a life force and tantric massage is the way you can access this powerful energy.

Tantric massage is a powerful method of healing the body and can help individuals overcome sexual problems or even intimacy issues. The body to body style involved in the tantric experience brings forth notions of closeness and ultimate trust that create a strong bond between a couple.

People all across the UK are currently using Tantra to help with stress and relaxation, to get a better connection in a relationship, and also to help with some sexual dysfunctions etc.

The massage techniques are quite unique in the respect that it uses your traditional massage therapy and combines it with sexual energy flow throughout the body. Tantric massage therapists look to awaken the energy centers of the body by gently persuading the Kundalini to awaken from its resting place.

The Best Tantric Massage Experience

One of the major impacts of tantric massage on a person’s body is the immensely powerful sexual arousal it creates. Both the giving and receiving tantric massage require a certain amount of intimacy and closeness that really allow the chakra energy building techniques to fully immerse the body.

Our emotions have a powerful correlation to how we interact with people, especially in an intimate sense. Using tantric techniques, we can overcome painful experiences and ultimately bring two people close together.

A mutual tantric massage is an excellent way to explore each other’s bodies and heighten the experience. Usually, the best way is having two people sit cross-legged facing each other. It is advised that in the initial stage each individual take it in turn to touch the other person for around 10-15 minutes at a time. The focus should then be shifted onto the genitals and a female partner will begin to perform a Lingam massage on the male. Eye contact is crucial throughout the entire massage session, to enhance the energy.

Indulging in regular tantric massage in London can be of immense benefit to those that enjoy this type of therapy, also carrying over to many other aspects of one's life. A combination of sensual massage strokes and touches with deep tissue massage helps to ease away the stresses of London life, and offers clients a complete escape for your tantric massage treatment with us in London. All our massage therapists have a wealth of experience, and those that try our tantric massage session just keep coming back for more!

Aphrodite is one of, if not the best tantric massage agency in Central London - treatment is available for men, women and couples.

Main Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

Stress and Relaxation

Naturist massages are also beneficial to a person’s health. They can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow. They can also alleviate physical pain and help build confidence in an individual and empower both the giver and receiver through a shared experience.

Stress is something that the majority of the population suffers from at some point during their lives. For many, it is a constant struggle. Our ladies use tantric massage, and sometimes even combine this with some aromatherapy, creating a very soothing mix to rid your body and mind of stress and tension. This great combination, as well as stopping stress in its tracks leads to a much clearer cognitive thought process, which in turn makes us more productive and better at solving life’s problems that are put in our way!

Getting rid of stress and getting clarity of thought is one of the keys to leading a happy and successful life. Our massage therapists really look forward to showing you the way to achieve this on your tantric journey with us in London!


The orgasmic breath process, by carefully monitoring and systematically breathing in unison, partners can share and contribute to a heightened sense of full orgasm as energy pathways are opened and powerful purification of the body can begin. Quite simply, the correct breathing technique can allow for more oxygen to circulate the body which leads to healthier blood flow and inevitably a healthier, happier and more relaxed person.

It’s crucial to understand that certain breathing techniques must be abided by when massages are being performed, to fully utilize the benefits of the practice. These specific breathing techniques are called “pranayamas” and they allow the recipient of the massage to move energy flow from one part of the body to another, ultimately making the session more effective and pleasurable. It is also a good teaching method to experience self-discipline, control, and confidence.

Immune System

People that are more susceptible to things like colds and flu could greatly benefit from an authentic tantra massage. A holistic massage is said to stimulate white blood cell activity, which is responsible for fighting infections and viruses within the body. This increased production of white blood cells on a regular basis has been shown to, therefore, help maintain a strong and healthy immune system!

Sexual Dysfunction

Learning tantric techniques can have a dramatic effect on your sex life and this is why more and more couples turn to Tantra teachers in order to make changes in this area!

Embracing The Tantra Philosophy

Embracing the real wisdom of Tantra therapy can really open new doors in your sex life and learning this with your partner can also be a fun thing to do! The erotic massage can be performed by more than one massage therapist at the same time, and it really can be an enlightening experience. Contrary to people’s beliefs, tantra is not a sexual activity, it's a true body, mind and spiritual experience, which you can enjoy fully with the help of a qualified tantra therapist.

A lot of the foundations of Tantra rely on making a deep connection with your partner. This bond that really brings together a couple, will only strengthen and deepen with time and practice. This can be a life-saver for many where a relationship might have become a bit stale for example. Tantra helps couples to reinforce, strengthen and deepen their emotional bond with each other - helping not only in the bedroom for a better sex life but also helping the relationship to endure and succeed.

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Tantric massages are provided by professionals, and if it is done by a genuine tantric therapist, it will bring you full relaxation and harmony of the body and mind.

Aphrodite London Tantric prides itself on delivering one of the sexiest tantric massage services in London. All the masseuses make a real effort with clients and are always carefree and very friendly to clients that use our services!

If a sexy nude massage is your thing then you will always be offered a naturist service as standard by our highly skilled ladies which is enough to excite any guy!

Tantric massage and Kundalini awakening techniques are extremely personalized and alter for each individual. It is crucial to trust your massage therapist, in order to fully gain from a tantric massage experience.

Like it or not, sex plays a vital role in romantic relationships.  With the sensuality offered by the body to body massage, your sexual desires will ignite or be enhanced, while you learn to gain control.  Consistent therapeutic sessions can solve weak orgasms, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual deficiencies for men, women, and couples.  Take a leap of faith with Aphrodite London Tantric !

Our sexy massage is available 7 days a week in Central London. For anyone that hasn’t experienced the pure pleasure of a sensual tantric massage London then please either give us a call on 07404681945 to discuss the different services that we offer or you can also get in touch via the contact form on our contact page!

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