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Soapy Massage in London

For many clients, the soapy massage experience is the ultimate pleasure. The name for this massage is originally coined from Thailand in South East Asia and is a naturist massage performed with the aid of soap suds to create a slippery and amazingly erotic massage experience. Although we don’t have any Thai masseuses working with us at Aphrodite London Tantric, we believe that our sensual massage techniques will really put you on cloud nine from a pleasure point of view!

Those refreshing feelings of hands and water dancing across your full body, awakening your deepest sense of self and releasing deep and ancient pleasure from within your entire mind, body, and spirit. The Wet and Wild massage is the premier aquatic massage fantasy experience. Imagine being surrounded by flowing jets of water, mist, and steam as a true goddess tends to your very sensitive body - rubbing, stroking and ensuring you are taken care of in every possible way. In this sensual experience, you are in the center of a wet wonderland and you will be able to enjoy the juiciest and most tender of tantric pleasures in this temple of wonder. The Aqua Massage is the connoisseur's choice for a truly exciting and thrilling experience.

When you compare Aphrodite London Tantric prices to a lot of others in Central London for the same massage techniques we are also very reasonably priced. If you take a quick look at the dazzling beauties that we have working at our London tantric massage agency you will see why a soapy massage with Aphrodite is now such a popular service!

If you haven’t already experienced the truly sensual wet and wild massage at Aphrodite in central London then this surely should be on your list of things to do! Lose yourself as pleasure erupts through every part of your body. Hands exploring bodies, bodies feeling pressure, jets exploding.

It’s really simple. You work long and hard and you deserve this guilty pleasure! The best, most sexy, and craziest thing you’ve ever done. No one has to know how good this feels. This is our little secret!

Bubble bath ritual

This ceremony is sacred and crucial to the tantric rituals process. The idea of a bathing ceremony is that it washes away the illusion that we are anything less than the divine self that we are. The water and immersion within it allow us to fully utilize the recognition that we are wholly and totally divine ourselves.

Surrounded by a sanctuary of flowers, essential oils, warm soothing water, and candles the bath quickly takes on this ceremony idea. The disrobing of your clothing is in correlation to the idea that you are shedding this cloak of illusion to reveal this divine element that is yourself. Their goal is to fully relax you and make you feel entirely comfortable by rubbing your feet, legs, inner thighs. The aim of a bubble bath is to not over-saturate the skin, but prepare it for the sexy massage ahead.

Our soapy massage begins with a sensual bathing experience and ends with our clients on cloud nine! It is an amazing form of massage therapy that will certainly wash away all the stresses and strains of daily life in London.

What could be better than a soapy massage with one of our highly skilled masseuses who will wash your body with various soaps. After this, you will be lead into the bedroom by our massage therapists who will give you an unforgettable and erotic massage session with a very intimate body to body massage.

Our girls really do know how to create an electric atmosphere and as you enter you will see different colored candles arranged around the bathtub and a very dimly lit room, some nice fragrances in the room and of course some soothing music playing in the background. This will really increase the sexual energy in the room and will really bring you to life!

Get a real pampering with a true soapy massage in London!

The Wet and Wild Massage is a truly life changing pleasure that you can only experience at a premium erotic massage parlour like ours. Step up to the finest in wet and wild fun. Truly heavenly goddesses await in streams of flowing and glistening water, it splashes off their bodies and you get lost in the moment, you linger in it, you never want to let it go. If you are ready for the finest in aqua pleasure then you need to come in and check out this incredible bodywork treatment!

Being pampered with a soapy massage in London with one of our wet and wild masseuses will most certainly make you feel like you are on another planet and is a profoundly uplifting experience. After your tantric session, you will feel totally relaxed and recharged and more than likely booking your next massage experiences with one of our goddesses.

This can be offered again as both an incall and outcall erotic massage service to your hotel room and to book a massage therapist you can give us a call on 07404 681 945 or alternatively email us through our website booking system where we will be happy to take care of your needs!

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