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Get your Massage in London

Yoni Massage in London

If you are looking for a Yoni Massage in London, you have come to the right place. The word yoni (Yo-Nee) originates in Ancient Sanskrit and means vagina. The literal translation, however, stands for “the sacred place or a temple” or sacred space. In Tantric science, the vagina is seen as a sacred part of a female body, a place of worship that is to be treated with respect and care. The aim of Tantric Yoni massage is to connect the receiver with their inner sensual nature.

Additionally, to build a trusting relationship between the giver and receiver, with the latter experiencing a state of fulfilment and satisfaction. Multiple orgasms, however, are not the sole purpose of Yoni massage. Through stimulation, the Yoni technique aims to bring to the surface the inner emotions hidden inside a woman. As a result, the experiences that women feel during the full body massage can range from anger to sadness, and even indifference. All are welcome by Yoni. The main goal of Yoni massage is to bring out the sensual nature of a woman, respect her natural femininity and honour a divine Goddess in her.

Sensual Yoni Massage

One of the latest massage experiences that we are now offering at Aphrodite London Tantric is Yoni Massage . This, of course, is another of our very sensual massage services and something that we offer our clients as either an incall or an outcall service in your hotel room.

Yoni massage techniques are perhaps one of the most sensual and pleasurable massages to both receive and give. We use only high-quality massage oil and coconut oil for those sexual experiences. Men, women and couples can benefit from Yoni massage by mutual admiration and enjoyment. Men can learn about breathing exercises, inhale and exhale, movements of pulling and pushing and become familiar with the bodies of women by exploring the multitude of ways to touch a woman to create maximum satisfaction whilst gaining a one of a kind trust a bond simultaneously.

Yoni massage is dedicated to allowing men to learn about the vagina. The goal of Yoni massage is not to achieve multiple orgasms and tantric sex, orgasm is pleasant and a welcome effect of Yoni massage but it is not the sole purpose. Its purpose is to provide sexual energy, warmth, love and respect to the female.

Pleasurable and Stimulating

You will find that tantric yoni massage is very pleasurable and stimulating. Although the actual purpose of this form of massage is to relax the receiver of this massage, so that she can bring emotions to the surface. This allows her to be free to then express her powerful orgasmic nature. A Yoni massage will bring a lot of sensitivity and truly awaken the G-spot. This can produce an amazing orgasm and ejaculation in women.

The Yoni massage will start with the masseuse massaging different areas, gradually working down to the Yoni area. This is a form of massage that will leave you calm and relaxed as well very invigorated and something that the masseuses that offer this service are very experienced in.

For grown adults seeking fun, adventure, and pleasure, a happy ending massage is nothing to be guilty about. This is provided it doesn’t bring negativity to your relationships and your boundaries are clear.

Book Your Massage Experience

If you have not had a Yoni massage before by an then this is not something to worry about. The masseuse will go as slowly as you want so that you feel comfortable. To book an erotic yoni massage session at our London massage parlour, call on 07404 681 945. Alternatively, you can also contact us via the website contact form where you can book yourself in. Or, if you have any questions about this service then please feel free to ask.

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