Tantric Massage For Men

tantric massage for men

Tantric Massage For Men

Tantric massage for men is undoubtedly one of the latest "fashion trends" in the field of the erotic massage, and I must say that rightly so. This massage combines an incredible release of sexual energy together with total relaxation of the body and mind. If we add the possibility of a sexual climax, in the end, the experience is really perfect.

Tantric massages for men are provided by specialized tantric massage parlours like Aphrodite London Tantric. To find out more about what we offer please check our website @ www.aphroditelondontantric.com and start gathering much more information.

If you are curious about what such a tantric massage entails for men, how it works, what techniques are used in it, and what its benefits are, read on. In the following article, I will explain all this to you and focus on what the perfect use of tantric massage depends on.

What is tantric massage and what effects or benefits it has for men

Although in most cases Tantric massage also leads to sexual satisfaction, its primary goal is to use the accumulated sexual energy and release it throughout the body. In the case of men, tantric massage also includes a lingam massage, which is basically a penis massage.

  • Tantric massage is a special combination of several massage techniques in order to achieve the release of sexual energy and its use for the whole body
  • The massage can also include an intimate massage focused on the pelvis and penis, which aims to increase sexual tension and arousal.
  • During or at the end of the session, there may be a culmination associated with ejaculation

There are also many myths about tantric massage, for example, that it is a purely erotic massage. Yes, tantric massage can also include massage of the intimate area, but in the first place, the goal of the massage is to work with energy centers. Tantric learning is based on the fact that the most important energy for the body is the sexual one, and therefore tantra massage will necessarily focus on it as well.

In terms of benefits, tantric massage for men brings the following benefits:

  • getting to know one's own sexuality, improving sexual arousal and, during a long-term tantric session, also building sexual vitality
  • in the case of a special focus on delaying the climax and regular repetition, tantra massage can also be part of the exercise against premature ejaculation
  • if tantric massage includes both lingam and prostate massage, it can be suitable prevention against some of its problems or support for its healthy and 100% functioning


Tantric massage for men can be a passive reception, where you do not have to do anything and the masseuse will take care of your perfect relaxation, but there is also the possibility of mutual massage. However, it also depends on your experience and also on the agreement with the masseuse.

The course and techniques of tantric massage for men

Tantric massage has its introduction, a part intended for whole-body massage, a part intended for intimate massage using various techniques and conclusions. Although some details or ways of performing the massage are individual in each tantric salon, this process is usually the same.

Here is the most common procedure of tantric massage for men:

Tantric ritual and introduction: At the beginning you take a shower or bath, according to the previous agreement it is also with a masseuse. You get a special scarf called a sarong and the introductory tantric standing ritual begins. You don't have to do anything during it, just relax, which is helped by the special touches of the masseuse.

Whole body tantric massage: After the introduction, the tantra massage itself begins. It is aimed first at removing tension and stress with long strokes. This is followed by a massage with hot towels, followed by furs, feathers, and other delicate items. A massage with warm oriental and stimulating oil is also common.

Intimate massage: After the initial release and flow of energy throughout the body, an intimate massage may follow. It is aimed at awakening sexual energy and at the same time complete relaxation, which allows deep breathing. During an intimate massage, a genital or prostate massage also occurs, which can cause orgasm and ejaculation.

Closing: Finally, aftertaste and relaxation follow. After the tantric massage, you can lie in peace, relax, and receive a gentle caress from the masseuse, while your body processes sexual energy. In the end, you are alone, you can undergo a cleansing in the bath or shower, then you get dressed and you can leave.

Frequently asked questions about tantric massage for men 

Of course, men are also interested in tantric massage on the Internet. Many forums and discussions are full of questions about the detailed course, but also, for example, the preparation or conditions for such a massage. Aphrodite London Tantric knows the most frequently asked questions and to make my article on massage for men as comprehensive as possible, I decided to answer them in one place:

Can every man enjoy a tantric massage? Are there any obstacles?

In principle, yes, the only condition in most parlours is only the age over 18 years. Of course, you should only take a tantric massage is you are 100% healthy, so if you have a skin condition, infectious disease, or inflammation associated with the genital area, it can be an obstacle to massage.

Is it necessary to experience orgasm and ejaculation during a tantric massage?

It is not necessary, but it is a natural by product in many cases. However, it should be noted that tantra massage distinguishes between orgasm and ejaculation. A very well-known technique is also the so-called big stroke, which is a technique of working with the breath and the body when there is a whole-body orgasm, but without ejaculation.

Is there any need for special preparation for prostate massage?

Basically no, a shower is enough for a prostate massage, which is also part of the preparation before a regular tantric massage. Before the internal prostate massage, it is enough to empty naturally. Also, prostate massage is voluntary and its method is always dependent on mutual agreement.

What is the ideal time for a tantric massage for a beginner?

Most tantric massages last from 60 to 90 minutes or 2 hours. In my opinion, a 90 minutes massage session is ideal for a beginner, as the whole process can take place without a time rush, and at the same time, it is an ideal time to get to know the massage and everything it can provide you.

Can tantra massage for men include sex?

No, the original tantric massage does not even have to include an intimate massage, it is an optional part. At the same time, however, it must be said that many masseuses provide only manual stimulation of the intimate area as part of a tantric massage. 

How to improve and promote arousal and orgasm 

If you want to fully enjoy not only tantric massage but also to support your sexual health and quality of sexual life, you need to focus primarily on promoting the arousal and intensity of orgasm. The best way to support this is to act naturally.

Based on my own experience, I recommend the following:

  • consume especially fruits, vegetables, seafood, and nuts, they contain many minerals, vitamins and amino acids important for libido
  • forget about some negative factors and bad habits, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake worsen erection and sexual arousal
  • a lot of exercises, especially intense training, help increase testosterone in men, which has a positive effect on libido
  • watch out for cycling, wearing too tight underwear, hot baths or heating car seats, they have a bad effect on the prostate and testicles

I also recommend using natural aphrodisiacs, such as chili or vanilla spices, or plant aphrodisiacs that support testosterone.

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