Tantric Massage Marble Arch

Marble Arch is an impressive London landmark. It is classical, neo-Roman arch covered in marble located on the north-east corner of Hyde Park. Renowned architect John Nash designed one of the capital's most visited sites in 1827. It was intended to celebrate British victories in the Napoleonic Wars and serve as an entrance to a ceremonial courtyard of Buckingham Palace.

Nash envisioned a grand structure similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the Arch of Constantine in Rome. However, his plans were curtailed in 1830 by King William IV, who baulked at its cost. Nevertheless, the white marble structure is still an awe-inspiring sight.

The arch is decorated with a number of sculpted panels. Among them are three figures representing England, Ireland and Scotland, on the north side and the figures of Virtue and Valour on the south side.

Marble Arch sits on a traffic island at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road. It also gives its name to the surrounding area. Nearby is a London Underground station of the same name which is on the Central line. 

Impressive Local Sights

Aside from visiting the arch, there is a handful of nearby attractions that are well worth visiting. 

Tyburn stone plaque - a stone's throw away from the arch is a stone plaque that marks the approximate location of the Tyburn Gallows. This was the principal place for executions in London for hundreds of years. 

Hyde Park - a beautiful royal park that covers more than 350 acres of landscaped grounds, tree-lined avenues, Speakers' Corner and a lake. 

Animals in War Memorial - dedicated to all the animals that have served alongside British, Commonwealth and Allied forces during times of war. 

Apsley House - the home of the first Duke of Wellington is now a museum that houses his collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, medals, memorabilia and more. 

Buckingham Palace - the London residence and administrative quarters of the British monarch. Tour magnificent state rooms during the summer.

Experience a Soapy Massage in Marble Arch

Your beautiful masseuse will be naked and you will be sharing with her this orgasmic erotic session.

Our sexy massage therapist will proceed to caress your body. She will hold you close whilst applying soothing, refreshing pressure to areas you couldn’t even imagine. After you have been cleansed with warm soapy water your masseuse will proceed to dry your body with warm towels to ready you for a truly tantric experience. Then will lead you into a separate room and perform an erotic tantric massage.

We decorate the room with soft lighting and relaxing music. Pleasant, fresh fragrances will circulate the room. As the soothing music combined with the expert touch of your therapist will enhance the already sexual experience.

Book your Sensual Masseuse for Incall or Outcall in Marble Arch

The difference between an outcall massage and incall massage is that the therapist goes to the client’s location instead of the client going to the therapist's studio.

Our beautiful masseuses based in Marble Arch are experts in the Japanese Nuru slippery massage, tantric and erotic sessions, body to body oil massage, and the combination of a soft soapy massage with an erotic full body glide that will render you totally satisfied.

Using their expert hands they will awaken your senses and bring you to the point of ecstasy. Then bring you back down only to take you up again.

Our London tantric specialists are always punctual whilst completely accommodating to all your needs. To book an incall and outcall massage, please call us at 07404 681 945.

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