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South Kensington is an underground station (Piccadilly Line, District Line, Circle Line). The area, characterized by remarkable Victorian architecture, is considered one of the most elegant in London. The boundaries of South Kensington are not exactly defined (see paragraph "The historical problem of the boundaries of South Kensington"). Normally, this includes the commercial area around South Kensington tube station and adjacent streets and gardens.

Similarly, Albertopolis is encompassed around Exhibition Road, which includes "Natural History Museum", "Science Museum", "Victoria and Albert Museum", "Baden-Powell House", as well as the Gloucester Road station district. Other Institutions, such as "Royal Albert Hall", "Imperial College London", "Royal Geographical Society", "Royal College of Art", "Royal College of Music", although falling within the City of Westminster, are considered part of South Kensington.

The South Kensington local area

Upon exiting the tube station, you have the alternative of heading in two directions:

1.  Head north, following the end of Old Brompton Road, continuing onto Cromwell Place. At the intersection, follow Cromwell Road on the right (going left, you will find Baden-Powell House, dedicated to the Founder of the Scout movement), until the intersection with Exhibition Road: you have arrived !!! You have found the street of the Museums. On the right, you see "Victoria and Albert Museum", (if you continue along Thurloe Place, you will reach "Brompton Oratory", also listed on the page dedicated to Knightsbridge), on the left, "Natural History Museum". Continuing, always on the left, you will find "Science Museum" and then, "Imperial College". Going further, always on the left, (inside, not on the road) you will find "Royal College of Music", "Royal Albert Hall", "Royal College of Art", while on the road, "Royal Geographical Society", before reaching Kensington Gardens.

2.  Towards the south, reaching, in some way, Old Church Street, continuing straight when it crosses Fulham Road, observing, shortly after, towards the east (left), the Architecture that surrounds the private green space Carlyle Square Garden, reaching King's Road. At this point, continue straight (possibly deviating to the east, i.e. left, if you are interested in visiting Carlyle's House), in order to reach Chelsea Old Church, having now reached the Thames, right in the middle of the two bridges, Battersea Bridge, to the west (right), and Albert Bridge, to the east (left). In front of you, you have the Chelsea Embankment street, on the right, the small green space Ropers Gardens, on the left, the other small green space St. Thomas More Gardens, and the statue dedicated to this Character.

We suggest that you continue east (left) until you reach the intersection of Cheyne Walk and Cheyne Mews, where you will find the blue plaque commemorating the site where Henry VIII's Manor House insisted, which reads: "Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - Manor House of King Henry VIII - It stood here until 1753 when it was demolished after the death of its last occupant, Sir Hans Sloane. Numbers 19 to 26 of Cheyne Walk were built on its site in 1759-1765. Manor House's old garden still lies behind the end of the Cheyne Mews wall and contains some mulberry trees said to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth I. "

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