The Definitive Guide To Erotic Massage

The Definitive Guide To Erotic Massage

Definitive Guide To Erotic Massage

Whether you are looking for a way to directly support and spice up your partner's life, or you just want to experience an unconventional and original form of sexual stimulation, erotic massage is the ideal solution. It can take the form of a professional massage as well as a prelude to sexual intercourse.

The touch on which each erotic massage is based is one of the most natural stimuli that one can offer and accept. The basis of human sexuality depends on the way and technique of their implementation, but even more so on the places they “hit”.

I see erotic massage on two levels. As an opportunity to enrich your sexual experience and also as a gift for a partner to whom you can indulge in unforgettable erotic pleasure. Let's take a closer look at both methods.

What is the erotic massage

Erotic massage is something that everyone would like to try, but they have some abstention for this form of contact. Understandably, indulging in sexual stimulation through massage is not easy at all. On the other hand, it is an ideal opportunity to incorporate foreplay while making love.

  • Erotic massage can be professional, which is mainly tantric, sensual or Nuru massage, but also an amateur one, where its goal is to improve the partner's sex life
  • Partner massage or mutual erotic massage is a very good way of foreplay, but you can also try them yourself
  • The goal of massage is not only sexual satisfaction but also the release of sexual energy

Probably the most popular type of massage touching the erotic area is tantra massage. It is incorrectly interpreted as an erotic massage, as its primary goal is to build sexual energy and use it to relax the body and mind. This massage is based on tantric thinking, which considers sexual energy to be the most important form of energy in the body.

Tantra massage has a much more non-sexual course:

  • the introduction of the massage is a tantric ritual of body worship, which is completely passive for the recipient, he can be preceded by a shower or bath
  • then the actual massage of individual parts of the body takes place with the use of warm oils, warm towels, and other soft aids
  • a prior agreement may be followed by stimulation of the intimate parts, in men the lingam (the penis), in women the vagina (the yoni), in the form of excitation and increased arousal
  • the end of the massage may be accompanied by sexual climax, but in particular, it is a matter of total relaxation of the body and the mind

The second type of professional massage is Nuru massage. Here it is appropriate to speak of this type of touch as an erotic massage, as its whole course is about direct sexual stimulation and increased arousal. While in the case of tantric massage the culmination is only a possibility, in the case of Nuru massage it is a natural and necessary conclusion of the whole massage.

As for the techniques of Nuru massage, it pursues the main goal, which is sexual culmination:

  • at the beginning of the massage, there is a preparation where you take a shared shower or bath, which helps to hydrate the skin and create an atmosphere
  • followed by a body-to-body massage, where the masseuse slides with her body using a special Nuru oil over yours
  • according to a previous agreement, Nuru massage can also include the use of some special techniques, such as prostate stimulation
  • the end of the massage is associated with a natural sexual climax, either involuntarily when rubbing the body against the body or based on manual stimulation of the intimate area (lingam massage).

Erogenous zones that can be massaged

We will now move from professional massages, which have their own precisely defined procedure and course, to a partner mutual massage. There are several erogenous points on the male and female bodies that deserve attention, whether by hand massage or sexual aids. I always recommend using warm massage oil, it will enhance sexual arousal.

Here are the places and zones whose massage has the best sexual effect:

Penis massage: Probably the most interesting massage from the point of view of men is penis massage. I definitely recommend using enough lubricating gel and using the possibility of gentle stimulation of the bridle, which in itself can lead to maximizing sexual arousal and ejaculation.

Clitoral and vaginal massage: Vaginal massage, especially its outer parts and surroundings, is very popular with women. This is best done with two or three fingers, or with the whole palm. A special chapter is the massage of the clitoris, ideally with a mediator using circular movements. You can also help with the other hand and at the same time massage the entrance to the vagina and clitoris.

G-spot massage: As for the G-spot, it is located inside the vagina on its upper side about 3 to 4 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. The massage of this point should be through the middle finger or forefinger with the abdomen of the finger moving down and up. If you also engage the other hand and gently press on the abdomen, you can achieve a so-called wet orgasm.

Breast massage: I am not talking about breast massage in order to enlarge them, but in order to induce pleasant feelings for a woman. Men often focus too much on nipples, but that's a mistake. For starters, there are better gentle circular movements around the breasts with all the fingers of the outstretched palm, and then gradually move to the areola and nipples, which you can massage even stronger.

Foot massage: The last type of massage that both men and women like is foot massage. It is a reflexive, sensual and relaxing massage. The massage should be done with both hands, starting with the thighs and working down. It is a pressure massage with one or more fingers using circular movements in continuous paths from the heel to the toes.

Disorders, problems and diseases associated with arousal and orgasm

In order to enjoy erotic massage, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the entire reproductive system and the healthy state of its mechanisms and functions. This includes a healthy level of sexual arousal, the functioning of the penis tracing mechanism in men and sufficient blood flow to the external genitals in women. It is not always ideal, various problems can occur.

The most common are the following disorders and diseases:

Erectile Dysfunction: The most common problem with men is erectile dysfunction. It does not have to be a complete erectile dysfunction, like impotence, but also minor problems with the onset, length or hardness of the erection. This condition can have psychogenic causes, such as stress, but more often is the result of low libido and insufficient blood flow to the penis.

Ejaculation problem: The most common disorder that men experience in ejaculation is a condition of too rapid or premature ejaculation. Then the climax will come within a few minutes and the man cannot enjoy sexual stimulation and arousal. Interestingly, a special tantric massage for men can help to delay rapid ejaculation.

Problems with congestion and wetting of the vagina: As with men, women can also have problems with congestion of the genitals, especially the vagina. Sometimes added to this is the problem of its wetting, which has a negative effect on the sexual survival of stimulation. The reasons may be low libido, psychogenic factors or some physiological disorder.

Vaginismus: Behind this name is a serious disease of the vagina in women, which is characterized by muscle contraction to such an extent that it is not possible to penetrate the inside of the vagina. A typical symptom is pain during sexual intercourse or stimulation of the inside of the vagina. The most common cause is some psychological trauma or fear of intercourse.

Anorgasmia: Men and women can also be affected by anorgasmia, a disorder manifested by the inability to reach sexual climax. In women, it is sometimes confused with frigidity or a lack of interest in sex. With anorgasmia, you may experience sexual arousal, but you will not reach orgasm. The causes can be psychological, sometimes organic.

How to improve and promote arousal and orgasm

To support sexual health, but also to prevent some problems with libido or genital function, I recommend focusing on lifestyle and partner sex life. There is something that can be done in each of these areas.

The basic principle should be to try to act as naturally as possible, which includes, for example, a change in the menu, a change in the stereotype or the reduction of negative effects.

Probably the most important principle is that you do not fall into a stereotype in everyday sex life or in your partner life. It is erotic massage that can be a good way to diversify and spice up a relationship. It is also a very good opportunity to advance sexually and learn more about one's own and one's partner sexuality.

I recommend focusing on the following areas and changes:

  • try to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible, especially vitamin C, B vitamins and the mineral Zinc supporting fertility
  • if you smoke or consume excessive amounts of alcohol, stop it immediately, it reduces libido and worsens the erection in men
  • enough exercise is important as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases, intense exercise can also increase the natural stimulation of testosterone in men
  • women should consume more soy and soy products, because they contain phytoestrogens that improve hormonal balance and libido
  • the more regular sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation, the better, it helps to increase libido and improve genital blood flow
  • don't forget about natural and plant aphrodisiacs, it's not just chili-type spices or seafood or whipped cream, but also various plant aphrodisiacs

Frequently asked questions about erotic massage

If you are even more curious and would like to know some more detailed information about erotic massage, we recommend you to read all related articles on our website: or you can try online forums and discussions. I have looked at many and found that both men and women ask several interesting and practical questions. I have decided to answer the most asked questions right now in one place:

Are tantric or Nuru massages designed for everyone?

Yes, these are massages whose only condition is the age, over 18 years old. Good health is a matter of course, if you have an infection or inflammation on the skin or in intimate places, it is a problem. It is not just about massages for men, there is also, for example, tantra massage for women.

Is it possible to combine tantric and Nuru massage with sexual intercourse at Aphrodite London Tantric parlour?

No, although both types of massage are massages that have an effect on sexual energy and often culminate, they are not associated with normal sexual intercourse. These are professional massages offered in our luxury and discreet parlours where sexual intercourse is prohibited.

What to do if you don't have an orgasm during a partner massage?

First of all, there is no need to blame yourself or the other. In the case of a relationship, erotic massage is intended to improve the quality of sexual life and bring partners closer, orgasm is a welcome climax, but not always a matter of course. Patience and practice bring roses.

Is it possible to use any aids for an erotic massage?

Yes, even with some types of massage, it seems to be required. I am thinking, for example, of a penis massage, a G-spot massage or a Tie and Tease massage, where it is possible to use, for example, masturbators, dildos, vibrating balls or whips, or even specially designed vibrators.

Can I liven up a massage with music or scents?

Yes, it's even a welcome stimulation. When it comes to music, be sure to choose melodic and relaxing music without words, something that relaxes the mind. When it comes to scents, you can use scented candles, for example, ideal are sensual aromas such as jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.

If you are looking for the most erotic massage parlour in London, then Aphrodite London Tantric is definitely the best choice. We are thrilled to offer you an amazing experience through the unique and sensual power of erotic massage. If you need a moment of break, Aphrodite London Tantric is the perfect choice for your moment of relaxation and eroticism. Try a blissful erotic experience in our temple with the best masseuses in Central London. Our popular incall locations are in Baker Street, Edgware Road, Marylebone, Paddington, Bayswater, Queensway, Park Lane, Mayfair, and Notting Hill.

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