The Difference Between Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage

The Difference Between Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage

  1. What is the difference between erotic and tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a massage of developing sexual energy throughout your body. Tantra is the art of touch and mind. Orgasm is not the main goal of tantric massage, but it can be a part of it. It all depends on the experience of working with the life energy in one's own body, which affects the survival of the whole-body orgasm.

Erotic massage is a massage that satisfies physical needs, achieves excitement and a strong orgasm. Using various exciting techniques, masseuses try to reach the peak of ecstasy and satisfy your desire.

Tantric massage

- building energy

- relaxation of body and mind

- slow and escalating excitement

- unblocking of life energy

- combatting stress, mental and physical problems


Erotic massage

- excitement

- satisfaction of desire

- climax

- relaxation of the organism and a feeling of happiness

At Aphrodite London Tantric, we try to combine these two massages into one whole, which will achieve vital energy and the pinnacle of ecstasy. This massage is popularly offered by all our masseuses, thus contributing to the development of modern Tantra Massage.

  1. What expectations should you have in our tantric massage parlor in London?

Most often, it is the satisfaction of your sexual needs. Of course, our clients also visit us with the aim of complete relaxation and rest after demanding working days. Some of our clients seek solace and vision, but also getting to know themselves and their own sexual energy. Someone is looking for experiences in tantra. Even for some, tantric and erotic massage is offered by our beautiful masseuses as a national sport, and they visit us very often, which makes us extremely happy and the joy of our masseuse's work fills us.

  1. What kind of clients visits us for tantric massages?

Different types of clients are visiting us. Some come for their first tantric massage others are our rock and experienced clients. Many people tend to look for new faces of masseuses and they are more likely to be circulating in various tantra parlors. Our sexy tantric masseuses prefer to work with regular clients of our salon in London, with whom they often form a friendly relationship and the quality of tantric massage increases. But we are also very happy to welcome new faces, which will expand our strength and position in the field of tantric and erotic massages.

  1. Can a tantric massage be disappointing?

Our tantric massage salon has a high-quality and professional masseuses, who by the way are all very charming and with beautiful sexy figures, that the failure of the climax hardly happens here. The exception may be a health problem, or even a too shy and stressed person who needs to visit our tantric studio several times to be able to relax.

  1. Why is Aphrodite London Tantric an elite and original tantric parlor and better than the competition?

The most important factor in our development in the field of tantra is undoubtedly our tantric masseuse jewelry. In addition of being beautiful, nice, sexy and intelligent, each is unique in its own way and each does its job with joy. In London, each of our tantric masseuses values ​​their profession. They love being sensual and erotic masseuses, and indulge in the art of Tantra.

Another factor of the elite position is our discreet apartments, always clean and prepared in advance so that a full-fledged tantric and erotic massage can take place. With us, every masseuse has her own space, you will never meet any other masseuse and not another client at all, which guarantees high discretion and safety!

Another advantage is tantric programs, which we constantly change, add so that everyone can get their own way. They are unique, original and created for even the most demanding clientele.

  1. What is our goal for the future?

Maintaining a constant and developing new clientele, constantly renting new spaces in London and moving forward in the field of learning tantric and erotic massages.

If you want to experience a mixture of traditional and modern tantric massage, come to our parlor in London

We invite you to enjoy a luxurious and sensual tantric massage in our parlors all over Central London!

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