The secrets of an erotic massage that he will never forget

The secrets of an erotic massage that he will never forget

The cold nights of April can become more pleasant through moments of tenderness, touch or passionate kisses. A sensual massage will warm you both and can be the ideal prelude to a night of love.

An erotic massage will rekindle the flame of passion in the couple and will spice up your relationship. And it is not recommended exclusively for professionals, as you might think, but can be practiced by anyone eager to learn.

You should use aromatic oils and lascivious movements combined with hot kisses, which will amaze his senses! Discover some tricks that will turn you into an expert massage diva!

Make a sensual atmosphere

Sensual massage involves nudity, so the room temperature should be slightly higher. Also, make sure the massage oil is warm for a “hot vibe”.

An authentic erotic tantric massage will be performed only in a special ambiance. Arrange the bedroom in a sexy atmosphere, using diffused light, scented candles are ideal for this, use a large towel for the bed and relaxing music in the background. Wear sexy underwear and always use aphrodisiac scented massage oil.

Choose oils with an aphrodisiac effect

Choose an essential aphrodisiac oil and, before starting the massage session, anoint your hands with it. Rub your palms to warm up and for the oil to penetrate the skin. Now the touch will be more pleasant and your hands will slide more easily on the skin. This trick will make the massage experience last longer, giving you and your lover more passion and amazing mutual touch.

Playing your role

When you want to give him such a sensual and erotic massage, it is essential that you fit very well into the role of a masseuse specialized in this art. Invite your boyfriend to lie on the bed on the prepared towel, face down, but not before taking his clothes off with sensual movements. Then, is your turn to undress.

Don't use only your hands

Body to Body massage techniques are very sensual and will offer your partner an unforgettable moment of sensuality. Your lover will be madly pleased to feel your body touching his skin, while you moving lasciviously. The slippery texture of the oil will make this experience even more sensitive.

Massage technique

Apply the warm oil to your hands and spread it on the back of your lover. The movements you do initially need to be gentle, making him feel comfortable, and then gradually increase in intensity and pressure. Begin with the shoulders, lowering slightly and massaging the main muscle groups of the back.  Massage continues in the lumbar area, which is an erogenous area, then to buttocks and legs. Remember that this massage is erotic, not therapeutic, so make sure your movements are sexy, prolonged and sensual, not performed mechanically.

After you massage his back, ask your lover to turn upside down. Massage his head, then gradually move the hands down on shoulders and chest. Touch it with your hands and breasts, kiss it all over his body. To turn everything into a much more exciting game, you can set the rule that he's not allowed to touch you until you say so.

The last step is the massage of the penis or the lingam massage. Your lover is already very excited until you reach this level, which is why your touch should focus on the scrotum and less directly on the penis. It is the moment when the sensual massage can turn into a passionate love party.

The erotic massage can be used as a prelude, or as a simple treat for the partner. Do not stress, because no one expects you to practice it like in specialized massage parlours. It is important to communicate and discover the intimate touches you enjoy.

What essential oils should you use for a hot night

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils to improve mood, cognitive functions, and health. It is also known for its aphrodisiac effect, doing real wonders for sex life.

Have you thought about surprising your lover with an erotic massage? A romantic dinner, scented candles, relaxing music and a massage with essential oils can start a passionate night. If you do not consider yourself skilled enough, find out that the technique does not matter much. It is important to perform gentle movements through the sensitive areas of the partner and to use essential oils with an aphrodisiac effect.

These oils are extracted from plants and you can buy them from any of the powders. We will recommend a few types of aphrodisiac oils that can ignite the passion in the bedroom. Essential oils should not be used undiluted but mixed with vegetable oil, such as olive or coconut oil. At first use, it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test.


The sweet smell of vanilla brings romance in the bedroom. Vanilla essential oil, used in massages, stimulates blood circulation and improves mood, increasing the desire for sex. Helps treat erectile dysfunction, impotence, and frigidity. It also stimulates the secretion of hormones (testosterone and estrogen) that produce the state of arousal. In addition to the aphrodisiac effect, vanilla also has an antidepressant and relaxing effect.


Cinnamon oil is one of the most famous aphrodisiacs, which is said to have been known since the time of the Queen of Sheba who used it to seduce King Solomon. It is used in tantric massage to improve and stimulate circulation in erogenous areas. Use diluted, in combination with other oils, like coconut oil, to avoid irritation.


Roses are always present in love stories and passionate nights. And not by chance. The smell of these flowers stimulates the libido and arouses the romantic feelings necessary for an unforgettable night.


Lavender is an aromatic plant famous for its many health benefits and has been used since ancient times. It is used to treat conditions like asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic pain, migraines, and insomnia. It also has sedative and calming effects. Used in massage, lavender essential oil improves blood flow to the genital area, promoting sexual arousal.


It fights depression, stress, mental fatigue and has an excellent aphrodisiac effect. Used in massage, ylang-ylang oil stimulates sexual desire. It has a relaxing effect and helps treat sexual problems caused by stress, anxiety or stress. It is also recommended in the treatment of impotence and frigidity. For the massage, combine it with vegetable oil, for example, coconut, or add a few drops in the bathwater for a romantic atmosphere.

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