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Tie and Tease Massage London

Do you fancy a tie and tease massage in London? Maybe deep inside you desperately crave the ability to submit the power urges and demands of a loving but strict mistress. You know that when you are with her. She is in complete control all that you can do is try to hold on during the wild and sensual dance you two enjoy. A symphony of the mind, body, and spirit - the Tie and Tease Massage will challenge you in every possible way as you pant and squirm under the discipline of the massage therapist.

She alone holds the key to your freedom. She alone is the master of your deepest erotic massage pleasures. If you act right you might enjoy yourself, if not, the mistress is happy to “torture” you and make you quite aware of your shortfalls. So, the pleasure is all yours to behold!

The Tie and Tease Massage will allow you to explore unique areas of your personality as you give yourself over to complete pleasure and bliss. Therefore, your masseuse will be in complete control but that’s just how you want it isn’t it?

What you can expect from your massage therapist

A variation of tantric massage is the, tie and tease experience. Clients who partake in this massage find it relaxing and pleasurable.

Generally, tie and tease massages begin with light bondage, possibly surprise touches and introductory domination techniques. Communication with your therapist is important here to set boundaries. A first-time tie and tease massage receiver would like to start lightly. This allows them to adjust to the plethora of stimulating sensations that will be washing all over their bodies.

The receiver will reach the peak of intense orgasm or climax. However, they are not fully allowed to go over the edge until the end of the session. This allows the experience to be all the more erotic and exciting.

It is possible that a variety of tools will be used to aid the therapist to personalize the massage session and bring you to the point of climax in the best manner that suits you. Tools that might be used includes ice cubes, straps, and bounds. It is important to stress that tie and tease massages require a serious amount of trust between the giver and receiver, which separates it from a BSDM or bondage type experience.

The majority of tie and tease massages will also include a full body to body massage, and our highly skilled masseuses will press their entire body against yours causing friction and pleasing results. 

Tie and Tease Massage Experience with Aphrodite London Tantric

Those drawn to this service have a secret desire to be put in their place by a gorgeous, powerful tantric goddess. A true symbol of female power, perfection, and grace. She is everything you always wanted and everything you always needed. Finally, with her, you can really be yourself and express the way you’ve always wanted to. You don’t need to worry, she knows what you want better than you do.

So, she is more than happy to make your Tie and Tease experience the most exhilarating and fulfilling. With an erotic experience, you are choosing to offer yourself the best.

Our London tantric specialists are always punctual whilst completely accommodating to all your needs. So, to book an incall massage, please call us on 07404 681 945.

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