What is tantric massage

What is tantric massage

What is tantric massage

Tantric massage is an over 9000 year old tradition which has been traced by historians to the region of the Himalaya Mountains near India and Tibet. To the early yogis from this part of the world, sexual expression represented an incredibly transcendent way to deliver healing, regeneration and transformation. Tantric massages are centered around exciting the mind, body and spirit, creating new opportunities for deep reverence and the release of long held stresses and trauma. Because tantra is an experience based in pleasure, liberation and release, it creates a soothing state which is quite simply difficult to match. Tantric massages allow for unimaginable bliss, pleasure and fulfillment; they are a tool of discovery, growth and healing. Tantra is a rich language of expression that has been in development for thousands of years. It’s masters have revealed a wealth of knowledge and now for the first time, these secrets are being shared in the west!

Tantric massage is a practice that instills a deep connection between individuals bonding them in a cosmic unity with each other and the whole of the cosmos. It is a healing practice and it has been shown to generate dramatic reappraisals of life in those who are devoted to its teachings. By combining breath work with cognitively enhancing focus exercises and pleasure to the whole of the body, Tantra offers a truly magical way to release stress in a safe, exciting and deeply fulfilling way. Tantric massage is the perfect way to unwind, de-stress and reconnect with your deepest dreams and most imaginative of desires. In tantra you will regain all that has been lost as you breathe deeply and release your truest, most pleasurable self joyfully into the world.

Giving and Receiving Sensual Pleasure

Tantric massage is a way of giving and receiving pleasure, of connecting deeply with the moment and holding on to that bliss, returning it to your normal waking triumphs and struggles. After a tantric session, you will feel soothed, relieved and cared for. You will know that you can access deep and transformative relaxation and healing anytime you need them. No matter where you are, you can practice the techniques you have learned in your tantric sessions to unlock your own personal pleasure, anytime your mind, body or spirit craves a little extra special attention. Tantra is truly a gift from the gods and now it can be your treasure to enjoy whenever you life. With Tantric massages in your life, you can be assured you will be healthier, more confident and better able to rise to the challenges of life with the poise of a true master and the perspective of a sage.

Now you too, can realize the relaxation, healing and pleasure of tantric massage. All you need to do is seek out the attention of a local professional tantric masseuse and you can access a whole new way of healing all that ails you. For some people, the tantric experience is far more meaningful and fulfilling than normal sexual intercourse but it doesn’t matter why you are interested in a tantric massage session. If you are interested, the time has come to seek out a qualified tantric massage expert in your community!

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