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An Amazing Tantric Massage London Experience!

Welcome to the website of the Aphrodite London Tantric . Feel free to take a look at the various massages on offer, an also the amazing tantric goddesses who are all very friendly, chatty and above all give the best massages in London.

Tantric Massage has certainly taken the UK by storm over recent years, and if you’re looking for the best option for tantric massage, you’ve come to the right place. Our established team at Aphrodite London Tantric also pride ourselves on only selecting the best massage talent

All Aphrodite therapists are trained body to body masseuses, and are very flexible in their services. This means you can visit the ladies at their personal incall massage location, but if you would prefer the ultimate convenience, our London tantric massage therapists can visit you with our hotel and home outcall massage service too!



"A great range of massages available at Aphrodite - all the masseuses are stunning too!"


"The service is here is literally heavenly - very tranquil comfortable apartment and mind blowing service"


"Having used tantric therapy for many years, I would have to say the Aphrodite are a standout agency in London for genuine tantric therapy."


"I would recommend Aphrodite to anyone, the nuru massage is simply amazing."


"Diana provides the most amazing service. Booked a one hour outcall, and certainly didn’t disappoint"


"A spectacular tantric service by Arya. I will definitely be back soon!"


"Emma literally deserves 6 stars for this treatment. Just out of this world!"


"Booked Carolina for a 2 hour tantric session. She was very attentive and chatty, and gave a first class service!"

Tantric Massage is Good For Your Health

tantric massage in london

It should be noted that Tantric Massage is not simply an act of sex. Tantric massage as anyone that is familiar with it will know, is an art in its purest form: helping to turn negative energy into positive and liberating energy across body, mind and spirit. When you select a tantric massage with Aphrodite you can be sure that it is highly stimulating and exhilarating in nature, and deeply relaxing at the same time. This deep sensual and erotic massage will help to awaken and free your inner Chakras to induce calm and positivity.

In addition to being lots of sensual fun, Tantric massage is great for your personal feeling of well-being, and general health. Any traditional therapy can provide numerous benefits to those using it, but tantric massage can be great in lots of other ways:

Fight Stress -Most will agree that a nude massage can be quite relaxing and help you to feel less stressed. But once you add in tantric meditation and breathing techniques, Tantra has the ability to take you to a different level from traditional techniques.

Sexual Implulses - For those that have issues with premature ejaculation, tantric massage can be your saviour! Learning to master yourself in the bedroom with simple tantric breathing techniques can help you achieve maximum pleasure, but not before you are ready for it to finish!

Physical Improvements - At Aphrodite London Tantric, our masseuses are literally black belts in the art of massage, and so no stone in left unturned during your session. This is great for improved flexibility, and getting rid of any annoying aches and pains, through the delicate sensual strokes and touches of your therapist.

Regulate breathing – during your sensual and personal experience in a naturist London Tantric service, your masseuse will guide you to several breathing exercises (known as pranayama) that will help you enjoy the whole tantric experience even more.

Increasing self-esteem – Our masseuses really do have amazing talents in their field. They will help you to really ‘let go’ during the treatment, helping you to put insecurities and inhibitions to one side. This has the effect of helping you clear your mind and improve your sexual confidence at the same time.

Improve sexual drive and orgasm – As many therapists will tell you, orgasm is not the main goal of tantric massage, but it can really stimulate all your senses and feelings, and in turn your libido. The end result is usually a huge climax, should this be your goal for the session.

If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a tantric session, then don’t be afraid! The staff at Aphrodite London Tantric in London are very accommodating, and understand that some clients can be nervous to embark on this sensual journey. They will happily guide you at the right pace, and recommend the different therapies that may suit you more.

Do you want the basic option? In this case maybe tantric or classic body to body.

How about something a bit more adventurous? Maybe Japanese Nuru Massage or sensual Lingam therapy.

A bit more experimentation? The delightful four hands option or a sexy tie and tease session could fit the bill.

A sexy and relaxing bath followed by massage? The the Wet and Wild experience could be just what the doctor ordered!

A bit of lady on lady action? The lesbian massage could be just the treat.




The varied choice available at Aphrodite goes above and beyond other tantric massage agencies in the London area. Whether you are a single guy, women, or even a couple there are lots of therapies that will work wonders for you at Aphrodite. Some of the popular therapies include:

Nuru Massage - Nuru (meaning ‘smooth’ in Japanese), is an erotic massage service where the masseuse and the client are both completely nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless oil (Nuru Gel). The masseuse then glides sensually rubbing her body against yours in this delightful service.

Tantric Massage - The premium tantric massage is a combination of different techniques and also involves yoga and meditation. Our London Tantric services allow the client to enter into a passive state as our Aphrodite London Tantric girls progressively take them into different heights of pleasure and relaxation.

Foot Fetish Massage - Bask in the beauty of one of our masseuse professionals with the Foot Fetish Massage. For clients that enjoy this sensual kink, our massage professionals will take you to seventh heaven with delicate strokes of her feet across your body.

Body to Body Massage - The traditional alternative to nuru massage, where we use traditional oil as opposed to the gels used in nuru.

4 Hands Massage - Enjoy an extremely soothing experience with two pairs of hands alleviating the customer’s stress and pains away. Two of our specialized masseuses are involved for this type of service, wherein the two women continuously massaging your muscles and skin, eventually performing a two-person version of a classic body to body session.

Mutual Massage - A delightful massage experience and role reversal where the client gets to give the masseuse some massage. Half of the session will be a Nuru from our sexy masseuse and the other half spent for the customer to massage his masseuse, leaving you with great pleasure and feelings of appreciation and power.

Lingam Massage - Lingam is the Sankrit word for ‘penis’ and you may sometimes hear it referred to as the ‘wand of light’. A very relaxing massage as your therapist concentrates the therapy on your genital region which consists of the penis, testicles and prostate. Climax is not the main goal of this sensual therapy. The primary goals is actually to awaken the deep inner pleasure, which is not always attainable through sexual intercourse.

Lesbian Massage - The lesbian massage option can be a female looking for a Yoni massage (Yoni is the Sanskrit term for vagina), and so a lesbian encounter. Or, on the other hand it can be a man looking for a 4 hands massage with two lesbian masseuses giving mutual massage. Whichever option you choose, they both provide immense female sensual energy!

Tie & Tease Massage - Whether you have a high powered job in the city, but have a secret fantasy to obey a mistress, or you simply love to worship a woman, this more disciplined form of massage therapy is both kinky and sensual at the same time. It can be whatever you want it to be, from delicate teasing through to dark Tantra, which involves light bondage and discipline.

Soapy Massage - The oriental soapy massage service starts with a heavenly sensual bathing experience accompanied by your masseuse. A delightful body to body experience will follow in the bedroom.

Outcall Tantric Massage in London

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Don’t have time to visit our incall locations? Why not let our stunning massage therapists come to your hotel or home address in London. Aphrodite are one of the originals when it comes to visiting massage, and have been offering this service for many years.

Our sexy massage therapist will aim to arrive within the hour to most addresses in London, and is ready, able and willing to perform any of the massages therapies that we offer. You will always find our therapists are discrete and reliable. So you don’t need to worry about a let down appointment. When you book with Aphrodite, we will never let you down.

Some of the popular locations we deliver massage to include Baker Street, Euston, King’s Cross, Piccadilly, and Victoria in Central London; and Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Edgware Road, Hammersmith, Holland Park, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Paddington, and Shepherds Bush in West London.

Our London tantric massage therapists are very flexible with massage, and if you want your own bespoke session, such as combination of therapies, this is something you can discuss with us in advance. If you would like to schedule in your massage call Aphrodite on 07404 681 945 or send us an enquiry via the contact page.

Massage of the Week - Tantric massage

What is tantra massage and what effects or benefits does it have for women? Under the term tantric massage, people most often imagine erotic massage, but this is not quite the case. It is a full-body massage with a focus on sexual energy and vitality, which can also include an intimate massage of the yoni, practically a massage of the vagina and its surroundings.

Tantric massage is a specific combination of several massage techniques together with tantric learning, but the importance of massage is the use of sexual energy for the whole body. Upon prior agreement, the massage may also include a special massage focusing on the pelvic area and its sexual stimulation. Achieving orgasm may also be a natural response to this stimulation

Tantra massage is a unique way to relax the whole body but also the mind. The recipient of the massage does not have to do anything at all, he can feel the massage, several of her techniques also support deep breathing and maximum relaxation of muscles and mind. Sexual stimulation and climax is only a natural consequence of the use of sexual energy.

Tantric massage for men is undoubtedly one of the latest "fashion hits" in the field of erotic massage, and I must say that rightly so. This massage combines an incredible release of sexual energy together with total relaxation of the body and mind. If we add the possibility of sexual climax at the end, the experience is really perfect.

Techniques, types, and course of tantric massage

 Tantric massage is a general name for different ways, techniques, and types of massage. But since there are a really large number of them and every tantra salon that specializes in this type of erotic massage can adjust them, I will focus only on the most important ones.

Tantric body worship ritual: This type of massage is used as an introduction for beginners and is a full-body relaxing oil massage. Aromatherapy essential oils, various types of scarves, and feathers are also commonly used. Sometimes the massage can be enriched with a special reflex massage of the feet or other parts, but never intimate parts.

Classic tantric massage: Sometimes called standard tantric massage and it is a basic technique in tantric massages. This massage includes a tantric body worship ritual and a relaxing full body massage with warm oil. Of course, there is also a massage of the lingam or yoni, the intimate parts and external genitalia of a man or woman.

Mutual touch tantric massage: This type of massage is a popular, but also the most difficult form of tantric massage. Mutual massage presupposes knowledge of the basic techniques of both partners, who with the help of massage can indulge in an extraordinary spice of the relationship with the possibility of mutual delay of pleasure.

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